Our cold weather continues, but our garden grows on — 4 Comments

  1. Jackie, I am in awe at the size of oyur garden! That row of carrots looks positively wonderful!

  2. To Tammy Amland…try uisng your Pressure Canner as a waterbath! Just leave it’s lid loose. and fill with enough water to cover the jars like you would in a big waterbath. My P-canner is smaller than a waterbath canner so I use it for small batches of pickles and whatnot :)

  3. We had issues with our tire planted potatoes this year too. We were excited when we were putting our third tire on and the plants looked lush and healthy. Then the rain came and drowned the vine so we went ahead and pulled the tire to get the taters out. We imagined taters rolling out as we removed the tires but didn’t find any until the bottom tire and then it was only a handful. It was a let down but it was still fun to try as an experiment. Ours under the old straw seem to be doing really well. Also, we’ll have plenty with the ones grown the old-fashioned in the ground way.

    We’ve had a lot of fun trying new things this year!

  4. Hi Jacki,

    I wanted to say how much I enjoy reading your blog, it really inspires me, although it is cost prohibitive for me to get BHM here in Australia I love reading your adventures. The weather here is just beginning to warm up, the daffodiles are blooming and I am putting in potatoes and broccoli. Thank you again for the inspiration and all the best with your homesteading. Blessings, Janine