It’s amazing what you can see from our new hayloft? — 8 Comments

  1. Sorry your mom is ill. At 93, she must remember many things that happened in our country. Always so enjoyed to sit and listen to some of our “greatest generation” as they remember things in the past. NaNa is right. Dallas is loaded with swine flu. The real stuff. Dallas County was supposed to get 20,000 doses of vaccine but got 700 FluMist dispensers. Stay well, eat lots of good stuff, and get extra rest. We never go anywhere without the alcohol based gel in purse and pocket. Thanks for all you do!

  2. I have heard that including some garlic powder in the chicken feed is a good way to prevent parasites in chickens, etc.. It also is a good way to up the immune system… and I have heard people whose chickens came down with a cold included garlic in feed to help rid the sickness… Garlic is an immune system booster as well as a natural antibiotic I have heard, (I am not a vet or doctor but have used these methods to my personal success). Thanks!

  3. NaNa,

    No, we just had the plain old flu. Not much swine flu way up here. Yet. Thanks for the concern.


  4. Jackie,

    If you were sick for a week with the “flu” and had stomach upset with it too, that sounds like swine flu. Our area around Dallas/Ft. Worth is hit pretty hard and some of the rural area schools to the north of Big D are closed because of so much flu. Can’t wait until that vaccine comes out. That is, if there are enough of the vaccines to go around for folks our age.

    Glad to hear you are better.


  5. So awesome and peaceful looking. Glad you are feeling a LOT better and able to climb that ladder to look at the beauty God has provided (along with all your, David and Will’s hardwork).

  6. I just wanted to say that I LOVE JACKIE! Girl, you are my hero. I’m reading your book, “Starting Over” and I’m getting ready to order you canning book in just a minute. You are such an inspiration!

  7. Not a question, just a note of thanks. We took your advice and planted Hopi Grey Squash…and just canned 14 pints from one fruit. Naturally, having never heard of it before, we tried some of the ‘leftovers’. Excellent rich flavor, not to sweet but just sweet enough. It will do well in our future dinners, I’m sure.

    Again, thanks for all your advice,

    Dan& Gini