Homestead doings and Mom — 14 Comments

  1. We pray that your mom improves. It is a very difficult decision to make to put your loved ones under someone elses care, however, sometimes it is necessary. Your plants are looking great!

  2. Jackie,
    My best to you and your mom. This is a tough decision, but she’ll be well cared for and you do have to take care of you. You’ve certainly had a huge burden.
    Bless you for everything you do.
    Thanks for continuing to teach and help all of us.

  3. yes, was certainly a tough decision when we put my Daddy in a local nursing home, HOWEVER, because he got 24/7 professional care, he later was able to come to our home frequently and spend the day or we’d take him “out on the town.” The nursing home was a blessing for us.

  4. Ditto, Jackie! My own most-beloved mama only made it to 59, so I can only envy you for having yours (and your dad) with you for so long, and taking such good care of them when they needed you most. You enabled them both to live the good life well past the time when they could have done it on their own. Your mom’s still there for you and you’re still there for her, so please don’t beat yourself up about this. I know there’s already a place for you in Heaven, and all your loved ones will be waiting there for you!!!

  5. My heart goes out to you Jackie at this tough decision. Take care of yourself. Prayers coming your way!

  6. Oh my Jackie, I’ll bet your Mama would advise you to do this too. Many of us have been in the same boat, if not with parents, then grandparents who always lived with us. It is so difficult, but then again, it is good to know there are three shifts of dedicated professionals helping with the burden and who are able to give you a rest.

    We’ve been part of your extended family out here for a long, long time and we watch all the amazing things you do in addition to the long term care you have given for your elderly parents – you are indeed a wonder that you have been able to bear up so long. It isn’t just ‘something to say’ when we say we are praying for your family………….um….’our’ family.
    God’s richest blessings – Wanda

  7. Jackie, Three years ago in February I had to make the decision to put my mama in a nursing home, even though her tiny home was literally in my back yard here on the farm. I had just cared for her so much and she had just gotten to the point I couldn’t do it any more…

    The nursing home was only three miles from our farm but that didn’t make it ANY easier for me emotionally!

    She passed away about two months later with me by her side in the nursing home. There were nursing students there that day from a community college in a nearby town. I prayed that morning that God would surround me with His angels because I was scared, upset and just an emotional wreck…..and God surrounded me with about 18 angels, all dressed in white….those precious nursing students from Wallace State!

    You have cared for your mama as only a daughter can but you get to a point where it is impacting your own health. You made the right decision but I know it hurts. You are ALL still in our prayers! (BamaSuzy)

  8. I think you have been an angel to your mother. I hope all goes well!

  9. So sorry to hear about your mom. That is a tough decision. I was faced with that too with my grandma. I was her power of attorney and I know what all is involved.

    Wishing you and your mom restored health and happiness.

  10. My sympathy to you on the tough decision you’ve had to make re your mom. When we did the same years ago with my dad, it was tough and I can relate to what you’re going through. Prayers are with you!

  11. Jackie, you guys hang in there. It is tough, emotionally, to put a parent in a nursing home but you weren’t doing yourself or your mom any good by making yourself sick trying to do it all. Give her a big hug for all of us and tell her we are all thinking of her (and you too for that matter).

  12. So sorry about your Mum.That is a tough decision but now you can be there for her and take care of yourself too, its important. My doctor told me stress is as much of a risk factor on your heart as smoking! I had no idea. So… maybe you’ll be posting some low sodium canning recipes soon? I’m learning to live low sodium, low fat, low cholesterol and low caffeine. Egads! Good thing I have a big garden!

  13. My heart goes out to you and your mom – even though it was the best decision you could make, it is always very difficult. It says alot for both you and your mom that she was with you into her 90s on the homestead! Love and prayers to you both.