It looks like a long, snowy winter — 7 Comments

  1. Pete,
    Thanks for the tips. We’ll look into the LED solar light. The ones I’ve seen don’t give enough light to read by, but I know they’re improving the solar lights every day.

    Sorry, I’d love to do a video for you, but the guy who used to do the videos for BHM blogs has moved and no one else can do the videos. I’m so computer dumb that I can do the video, but don’t know how to go from there. Maybe someone soon will figure out how to do it????

  2. I might have an idea for more light. I bought a patio solar light for about 5 to 10 dollars at home depot.
    Take a piece of 4×4 wood, and drill a hole for the pole of the lamp to go into. That will work as a stand. During the day take the light outside to charge. At night bring the light in, and place a penny over the sensor, then it will work around other lights. Put a shade on the lamp to help protect your eyes from the LED light.

    I also found that hand sanitizer helps clean up tree sap from hands.
    Thank you for your blog it is most enjoyable.
    It would be fun to see your homestead after a snow. Would you post a videio?
    Pete Triandos
    Santa clarita Ca

  3. That is such a serene snow picture…..How great for the weather to “behave” so you could visit the family, too….

    I’ve spent the last few years in the desert, I miss the snow and the water it brings; I grew up in the midwest and don’t miss the wind chill factor, LOL….

  4. Just wanted to say to Kristi in Iowa, that we tried the Boston Baked Beans also and thought something was missing. So while warming them up, I added a heaping Tblsp of dark brown sugar and that did the trick. Delicious :) Thanks Jackie for yummy recipes.

  5. I have a gas stove that will not bake without power. But we do have the camp oven, it does the job. There always a way to get things done. When Ike went through here (Indiana) and power was out, I was one of the few people that could make coffee. Can’t say how many pots of coffee I made. I love my gas stove. We also have several iron pots. They bake wonderfully. If you have two iron skillets and one is larger than the other, put the larger one on top and use coals, just like an iron lid. It will work. Jackie, I eagerly look forward to your post. Thank you for all the hard work you put forth and the knowledge you share.

  6. Agree with Nancy that the snow looks just gorgeous. (If it HAS to come, might as well enjoy its beauty.) Congrats to Mason on turning 3. They sure grow fast!