Q and A: Best variety of wheat for flour, New pressure canner, Preserving honey, and chickens ate pesticide — 3 Comments

  1. Trevor,
    Sorry I didn’t go into length on this answer. Most homesteaders are growing wheat for bread flour; I know very few who grow their wheat for pastry flour. I grow a hard red spring wheat for our flour. I’ve never had a single person complain about the quality of my biscuits made from it. I even make pie crusts and cookies from this flour. For cakes, I use all purpose flour bought in bulk as we don’t have the room to grow wheat for pastry flour. Some hard spring wheat varieties are: Barlow, Edge, Pivot, Select, Bronze Chief and Prairie Gold. We grow Prairie Gold, sold by Wheat Montana in Three Forks, MT. They have a website where you can order wheat and other products. We do not grow Durham wheat, either, for lack of space. Durham wheat is most commonly ground for flour that is made into pasta. I make noodles from our plain wheat and also all purpose flour from the store. Sorry to have disappointed you Trevor and others. Spring is VERY busy here on the homestead and besides that we have David’s graduation, his open house, our wedding and the three days at the energy fair to prepare for.


  2. This is in regard to the ant problem. When I took over a garden plot in a community garden it was infested with ants. I tried every organic solution I could find to no avail. It wasn’t till bees took up housekeeping in my garden cabinet that the bee keeper who came to relocate the Queen bee told me to use cinnamon to get rid of the ants. It’s taken close to a year and a whole lot of cinnnamon to eradicate them but it really works. Sprinkle liberally wherever you see them. Eventually you’ll see less and less.
    P.S…Jackie, I think you’re the greatest!

  3. Doesn’t the eventual use to which the flour will be put make a rather large difference in the sort of wheat one should plant, Jackie? Your hard wheat will make fine bread flour but terrible cake flour and passable, at best, biscuits. Usually you are so much more thorough in your answers …