Ladybugs are saving our peppers — 3 Comments

  1. Beverly,

    If the lids are indented, the jars are sealed. If they’re not, I’d quickly re-heat the applesauce and re-pack it into hot jars and leave a larger headspace. I’ve never had mine increase like yours did, but I’m sure it depends on the type of apples, etc.
    I get my canning done by just plugging away on it, one item at a time. Sometimes I’m cutting green beans while tomatoes are in the water bath canner, and so forth. And sometimes, when I’m lucky, Will or David will help me, too!


  2. I went to a Vermont Cheese Festival recently and at a cheese making demo they said you can use a wine cooler refridgerator to ripen cheese.

  3. Don’t you just LOVE those ladybugs. They take refuge in my upstairs during the wintertime.

    I canned some applesauce today (hot water bath) left the 1 inch headroom. WELL….I took them out of the canner, and, believe me, there isn’t room for a hair between the lid and the applesauce, thus, I will get no ‘ping’… Should I redo it, and leave a much larger headspace at the top of the jars. I have 5 quarts, and do not want to lose it.
    I am canning like a house afire……how in the world do you get ALL yours done? I dont have nearly as much to do as you.
    Keep up the good work….you inspire me!!