Q and A: Pickled vegetables and canning butter, Canning candy, and Processing low acid tomatoes — 2 Comments

  1. Exciting stuff isn’t it?! After such a cool summer to be prdieovd with this late season warm up is a true blessing. Not sure if I will end up with enough at one time to do some diced tomatoes AND sauce, but I have some hope for the sauce because I have been popping some of the ones and twosies into the freezer and if I keep getting some tomatoes over the coming weeks that are not enough at any time to do a batch I plan to keep doing that until I have enough to do a batch of so of sauce.

  2. Hi Jackie,

    I have read so many warnings about canning your own butter. Are you able to give any advice? Also, have you tried flavoring your canned butters, (cinnamon, garlic, chives, horseradish, etc….).

    Thank you,