Q and A: Canning chili, making sauerkraut, and using TVPs in canning — 3 Comments

  1. TVP is textured vegetable protein. It is usually made from soy, and is formed to the texture of meat. It can be used in place of ground beef or used to extend ground beef.

  2. What is TVPs? I love reading you answers to everyone. Your “Jackie” emails are always read. I usually have 2 or 3 to read before I get to my email. I usually read them right before bed, when the house is nice and quite.

    Thank you so much

  3. Jackie

    Referencing the comments on sauerkraut, I use a doubled plastic bag filled with water to seal my crock rather than the plate with weight on top method. The bag forms a tight seal against the sides of the crock and I have none of the ‘scum’, mold or bugs (no see-ums) that I remember so fondly from my childhood.

    I make sure the exposed area of the crock above the kraut is absolutely void of any material that would defeat the seal.

    I put the crock in the basement and use a ferment time of three weeks before checking. After checking, I use new bags to reseal if I’m not satisfied the product is ready.

    The ‘kraut I make will cause your leg to reach up and smack you behind the ears. It’s that good. But I like mine on the sharp side.