Q and A: Flowering carrots, Hugelkultur, canning meatballs, and squash soup recipe — 1 Comment

  1. Hugelkultur – You can read in detail about hugelkultur in the Sepp Holzer’s Permaculture book. Hugelkultur is Sepp Holzer’s quick raised bed/berm building method which he adopted to save time building raised beds (he builds a lot of them and they are very large) – you don’t chop or chip any of the organic materials used to build the bed, just dig out a bit of soil in a trench for the bed, lay the materials down and cover them up with the soil you dug out. His raised beds are as much as 5ft high and have very steep sides. He’s written that he does renew the beds by piling more material on them as they rot down and collapse. He has also experimented with building vertical beds, supported internally by vertical poles covered with cloth or netting. There are photos of his beds in his books. He lives at 5,000 ft+ in the Austrian alps with lots of snow and cold weather, and his farm is on very steep, shallow soil, rocky south facing slopes. He’s made the raised beds and terraces in order to have more crop production land. I have both of his books. Permaculture is the hands on book; Rebel Farmer is mostly his life and farming history. Sepp lived about 30 years being sued, persecuted and fined by various government bureaucracies for improving the productivity of his land and farming efficiently. Remnds me a lot of what Joel Salatin has been through. Rebel Farmer is usually listed by book sellers as out of stock but if you go on Amazon you’ll find several small companies that have a limited supply. Sepp Holzer is doing a series of classes in Montana in 2012. Information is on the Internet and on his web site.