Q and A: pH stable after canning, dehydrating frozen vegetables, and canning turkey — 4 Comments

  1. All,

    EEEKKKK I DID mean 1,000 feet! How that one slipped by, I’ll never know. Luckily, I have plenty of eagle-eyed readers in my BHM family!!! Sorry, guys!



    If you live below 1,000 feet, you will be canning at 10 pounds pressure.


  2. Jackie, did you really mean “If you live at an altitude above 12,00 feet, consult your canning book for directions on increasing your pressure to suit your altitude, if necessary.” on the turkey recipe? Don’t you usually have to adjust the pressure at a much lower altitude? Thanks!

  3. Jackie,
    I think you mis-typed the warning about pressure/altitude changes. I’m sure you meant “above 1,000 feet”, but it showed up as 12,000 feet. This might lead to a problem if one doesn’t already know.
    Thanks for all you do, your’s is the first blog and article I read.