We took our pig in to butcher — 5 Comments

  1. Roxi,

    Red wattles do great in the heat; they were developed originally in Texas.


  2. Do you know how the red wattles
    do in the heat? We have very hot summers.
    Thanks and enjoy all those packages of pork joy.

  3. Becky,

    You don’t have a red wattle boar, do you? We are wanting to breed out two gilts and our friend who we got our pigs from doesn’t have a boar of breeding size. We really want to keep red wattles, and have reserved a boar pig from the next litter from a different bloodline, but that’s then and this is now!
    If you do, give me you phone number and we’ll talk!


  4. Love to see the red wattle swine! That is the breed we have come to love and will have here on our farm for the foreseeable future. We raise four litters a year. The grain prices are high but they do well on pasture when it’s available and we buy bulk from a grain elevator, which helps. We feed more barley than corn and very little soy and our pasture mix hay. The red wattles are great. Sounds like you have more snow that we do. We are up here in northern Minnesota and we just got a dusting that doesn’t even cover the dead grass. I just hope it doesn’t get cold before the snow does come.