We were a “little” upset to hear that Obama declared Peacetime Martial Law…but life on the homestead goes on — 6 Comments

  1. Brett:

    Apparently you have not read that latest Executive Order that Jackie was referring to. In it is authority for the government to confiscate any and all personal property. At any time of their choosing.

    It also includes provisions for involentary drafting of people into work gangs.

    There is more but you get the idea.

    I would certainely think that all of this is an *issue*.

  2. Jackie, by posting this in your blog you are indeed doing something. As news-savvy as I have always been, this slipped past my radar and I didn’t know about it till reading your post this morning. I hurriedly did look up the information. Thank you for posting.

  3. Brett,

    One of the reasons that we homestead is to try to be as independent as possible. We felt a little nervous to hear the President had declared martial law in peacetime, with no apparent reason. But no matter what does or does not come of it, there’s nothing we can do about it, so life goes on. I have no “issue”. We entered the self-reliant lifestyle decades ago, when times were “good” and have continued on our path all this time.


  4. Brett Gross, this decree from Obama has everything to do with homesteading. There are actually those of us who attempt to be as self-reliant as possible and believe that the due process of law will protect us from the federal government intruding on our lives. We respect the Constitution and pursue our happiness with vigor and enthusiasm. When Obama declares martial law for no reason other than to usurp the Constitution, then those of us who live without our hands out to the government recognize the threat presented to our liberty. It’s that simple and I really don’t understand your confusion.

  5. This actually matches the language in EO 12919, however, even the part about “in peacetime.” EO 12919 was signed in 1994. This EO has foundations in previous presidents, including Reagan. I would suggest further research before jumping to conclusions.

  6. I’m not sure what the President’s executive order has to do with your family working on your homestead. What is your issue?