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Jackie Clay

Our new baby goat turned up missing!

Friday, May 11th, 2012

This morning I went out to the goat pasture to check our new baby goat and couldn’t find her! I looked in the barn and around the pasture. She wasn’t with her mother. I even looked in the water tank. No goat. Had she gotten carried off by an eagle? A wolf? I was getting scared. Then I looked in the turkey hutches. The first was empty except for shavings. The second held a surprise. There was our baby goat, snuggled down in the shavings, enjoying the sunshine! She looked up at me with that “Who, ME?” look. She thinks Will made those nice little houses just for her. We are hoping she won’t break turkey eggs, though!

Meanwhile, Will has been fencing our new pasture, digging post holes to install a gate where we’ve been driving through with the equipment. It’s such a convenient spot that we decided to keep it. He also went down this morning with the tractor to the spring basin where he’s grading the area around the pond. We’re still hoping to be able to bring in a big track excavator this summer to deepen the pond and enlarge it just a little. But for now it looks much nicer and we still have tons of rock and gravel to use for useful projects around the homestead.

I’m getting ready to do some planting in the garden. We picked rocks yesterday and Will tilled another big strip next to what I had already tilled. Before I plant I wanted to pick the rocks that had turned up after tilling. Now that’s done so I’ve got to get out and plant onions and peas. My, how the spring is flying! In just a week I’ll be off to Colorado for the Self Reliance Expo in Colorado Springs, where I’ll be on a panel entitled “Women of Prepping” (Boy, how I hate that word “prepping!”). I’ll also be speaking on self-reliant living on two days. Then the very next weekend, we’ll be hosting our homesteading seminar, here at home. We’ve had a couple of cancellations, so if you’d like to come, there are still spots for you.

3 Responses to “Our new baby goat turned up missing!”

  1. Jan DeBrie Says:

    Jackie, is your baby goat a meat or milk goat? We’re getting ready to buy a farm & I don’t know the least about goats.

  2. jackie clay Says:

    She’s both! Mom is purebred Boer (meat) from a good milking dam and the dad is a purebred Nubian (dairy). We like the cross and our does milk well and are stocky and strong. BHM has an excellent handbook on Dairy goats you’ll find very helpful.


  3. michelle Says:

    found your site and love it. I wish i was your neighbor i could learn so much :). We recently purchased a small ranch with 12 acres and we have a small pond but its nasty has green stuff growing all over. Do you know of what i can do to make it clean? I been told to get grass carp

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