Our new baby goat turned up missing! — 3 Comments

  1. found your site and love it. I wish i was your neighbor i could learn so much :). We recently purchased a small ranch with 12 acres and we have a small pond but its nasty has green stuff growing all over. Do you know of what i can do to make it clean? I been told to get grass carp

  2. Jan,
    She’s both! Mom is purebred Boer (meat) from a good milking dam and the dad is a purebred Nubian (dairy). We like the cross and our does milk well and are stocky and strong. BHM has an excellent handbook on Dairy goats you’ll find very helpful.


  3. Jackie, is your baby goat a meat or milk goat? We’re getting ready to buy a farm & I don’t know the least about goats.