Q and A: pint and a half jars, chickens not laying, and canning ham hocks — 4 Comments

  1. I LOVE those jars for asparagus! I heard they don’t make them anymore, so I’m happy to hear they CAN be found, and I hope it means we will see more of them in other stores!

  2. pint and a half wide mouth jars, an answer to my prayers! Right after I say again how much I LOVE this column Jackie and Will, I’m headed to tractor
    It amazes me that you Jackie,who have had so many life altering struggles still are upbeat and caring enough to share your vast knowledge with anyone who asks. I hope to be reading your column and using your cook books for many years to come. Thank you.

  3. Jackie thanks for the bean advice I should have asked if using Anasazi Beans would that change the cooking times?

  4. I believe the pints-and-a-half jars are made for those who have a canner that won’t do quarts in a hot water bath. My canner is about two inches too short to process quarts in a hot water bath – it would just barely cover them if the water is filled up to the very brim (though it’s fine for pressure canning them).

    I found the jars to be pricey compared to the “normal” sizes.