Q and A: preserving prunes and pigs in winter — 2 Comments

  1. Practical,

    I’ve never heard of pantry moths infesting prunes. Stick them in the freezer for a couple of weeks; that’ll kill any possible eggs. Then bring them to room temperature and store them in the packages, in a sealed 5 gallon bucket. Then they should be fine.


  2. Jackie,
    Thanks. Some of the prunes have been sitting around for months, maybe a year. If they already have moth infestations, will they still be okay in a plastic bucket? Or, could they infestation spread. Since I have had a pantry moth infestation, I am not sure if these have been affected. Do pantry moths infest store packaged prunes, which these are?

    I found moths in cereal, rice, and flour, all thrown out to the hens now. But, I have seen nothing in the prunes. Would freezing them be a good precaution or would that compromise their ability to last for years?

    I should have given you more information the first time. Thanks for helping me on this.