We’re still getting ready for winter around here — 13 Comments

  1. Mary Ann,

    I’m so glad you had a nice garden this year. And I know how you must miss your animals. I hope that soon you’ll be able to have just a few so you can enjoy them again. A half dozen hens and a single goat don’t take much time yet can give so much in return!


  2. Thanks for answering me ,Jackie…I had a beautiful garden this year,I just miss my animals..Blessings to you ,will and your sons…MA

  3. Maida,

    The beavers moved from our smaller pond into the big pond because the drought lowered the water level and they “know” the winter will be so cold that the ice will get very thick, limiting their swimming room. They are stockpiling lots of branches for winter because they “know” the snow will be deep and the ice thick, limiting their eats. The new house has very thick walls and has a deep entrance.
    Stay tuned to see if they’re right!


  4. Sheryl,

    That’s what I always tell Will. (Not really.) That’s his “blog smile”. Check out Spencers in a more current blog!


  5. Mary Ann,

    Yes, I know of several single, middle aged…and older women who homestead without help. It definitely can be done. But it doesn’t go as fast or as easy as it does with help, of course. You need to learn to have a lot of patience and realize you can’t do everything at once. Start small, maybe half a dozen chickens and a small garden. Then it’ll be fun again and you’ll find you can gradually find ways to make it all work…a little at a time.


  6. So glad about your cow! We’re in south central WV and are still out of power. This is our 6th day. So many are worse off. I’ve been improvising and making Irish soda bread in the wood stove after the coals die down. Also baking biscuits. I’d love a wood cook stove. Maybe someday. A foot of snow in October is very unusual here but the kids had a blast for the time it lasted. We’re still getting our wood cut as we’ve just moved to our new place in September. So much to do.

  7. Hi Jackie,I was praying that Lace would become pregnant.It is always so hard to say goodbye to a faithful friend,even if they are animals…I also envy you..I’ve tried so hard to make my little homestead work,but being a single,middle aged woman doesn’t help..Because I also have to hold a full time school nurse position ,to try to pay the bills,I finally gave away my chickens,and beautiful,Lamancha goats,because I felt like I was neglecting them….Is there any single women ,that you personally know ,that have done this without the help of a husband,older son or hired help?

  8. When you said the beaver are calling for a cold and about average snowfall, how can you tell? What are the signs that you read?
    We too in the Cascade Mountains have received snow already. About 6 inches total so far. It is all melted, but we are expecting more before long.
    Take care and keep warm!!!

  9. Woohoo! Awesome news about your cow!!

    Tell Will if he would quit standing around posing for pictures he could get something done on the homestead :-)

  10. Rose,

    We never feel prepared, come late fall! There’s always so much to do and winter’s roaring down us like a freight train. But you’re right. We DO enjoy the whole process and it’s really satisfying to get things done.


  11. Jackie, I am so jealous, you are so prepared, I know you are working hard,but it appears you enjoy it also. Way to go.