Q and A: Ladyhawk and Crystal, feeding raw potatoes to pigs, and Clear Jel — 6 Comments

  1. Shannan,

    My book, GROWING AND CANNING YOUR OWN FOOD, has recipes using Clear Jel for apple and blueberry pie filling. Type Clear Jel recipes into your browser and you’ll also find many recipes and instructions on several sites.


  2. Jackie, you and your readers are the only ones I know to ask. Is there somewhere to find Clear Jel recipes? I have both regular and instant and neither came with any hint of how to use it. Thank you

  3. I too looked high & low for Clear Jel at all my local stores and no luck! The only place to find it is on the Internet. Since I was ready to can apples right then I just canned them without and when I make appple pie I will add the thickening then.

  4. I have a 6 foot plus tall son who has an on the small side arab gelding. He looks like a grasshopper on him. Would love to get a Fresian for him and I would like one and I am only 5 foot tall.
    But I have a barn full and do not need any more horses.

  5. thank you very much! I ended up not being able to do my apple pie filling because of not being able to find the “right stuff”. Will get it off the internet I guess.

  6. I purchased Clear Jel through this past summer. Victorio Clear Jel is $7.04 for 1 lb with free shipping if you are a Prime member.
    Amazon, also, stocks and ships Barry Farm Clear Jel.
    Hope this helps.