Q and A: sterilizing jars and hens not laying — 6 Comments

  1. Jackie, add me to the list of those puzzling over lower egg production. Our hens are giving very few eggs tho no one is molting, there hasn’t been any predator trauma, and it hasn’t gotten that cold yet in northern Arizona. I didn’t realize others were experiencing the same. Weird.

  2. When her hens would quit laying, my grandma here in the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas would make up a batch of “chicken bread,” cornbread made with water and no egg and sprinkled liberally with cayenne pepper. She swore that would get them to laying. We kids used to love chicken bread–it was kinda hard and crunchy, as I recall–and would beg Grandma to make a batch for us.

  3. Richard,

    I’ll travel over to Claire’s blog and try to give her and others a few hints on canning lots without killing yourself in the process.


  4. Kathy V,

    True. Most canning recipes specify whether or not sterilizing jars is necessary (or a good idea). All pressure canned foods do not need sterilized jars, just very clean.


  5. I went to a course required in my state for selling acidified products(veggies, pickles). They said that if your processing would last more than 10 minutes in either water bath or pressure canner, your jars didn’t need to be sterilized, just clean.

  6. It seems to me that Claire Wolfe obverse on the Living In Freedom blog has a canning question she’s too shy to ask about. She’d like to know “How do Grandmas do it” as in manage to can hundreds of jars in a day.