Q and A: pressure canner trouble and planting heirloom vegetables — 5 Comments

  1. Also thank the other Judy in our wonderful state of KANSAS I will be at the extension office ASAP.

  2. Judy, go to your county extension agent and get all the pamphlets that the K- State Extension Service has published for growing gardens in the State of Kansas. I haven’t meet an agent yet that didn’t cheerful spend the time that was necessary to help me understand what it took to grow what I was asking questions about. They also have a lot of information about organic gardening in our state. You can also go to the their web site and download all the pamphlets: Good Luck in your garden!

  3. Regarding Judy’s question about how far apart to plant Heirloom seeds, I think she wanted to know how far apart she needs to plant them to avoid cross pollination. She mentioned wanting to save seeds. The book I have found to be very helpful in this regard is, “Saving Seeds” by Marc Rogers.