Q and A: canning dried beans, planting asparagus, and dried citrus peels — 2 Comments

  1. Small empty spice jars, empty cleaned pb or j jars, all would work well. Many of them are still made of glass, and aren’t practical for canning. Better then paying for 1/2 pint canning jars. Cleaned and steralized, they shouldn’t give any off flavor taste to your products.

  2. Non-canning jars are hard to come by here but I buy quite a few jars by the dozen at the second hand stores and yard sales, I end up with a few chipped ones every year so those become my storing vessels for dried foods. I put an arrow with permenet marker pointing to the chip so they can be identified later. Instead of throwing away used lids I wash and sanitize them and use a rusted rim (I use steel wool to take most of the rust off) for these jars. Makes a good use for the jars and the used rims and lids.