It’s snowing — again — 22 Comments

  1. Sam,

    Check out above responses to see how to get seed. Yep, I think they’ll grow in SC pretty well.

  2. Don Petrey,

    Kids, kids, kids! I’ll set right to work, packing up a ton of our new snow so you don’t get too hot up in Alaska!!!

  3. GA,

    I’ve never had squash vine borers in my Hopi Pale Greys so I don’t know. They certainly can be a problem requiring total clean-up in the garden and burning all dead squash and pumpkin vines every year and attacking any borers at first sight.

  4. Tauna,

    Yes, I can my squash in chunks. About a pint will make one “pumpkin” pie, when drained and mashed well. I’ll post a picture on the next blog I do for you.

  5. Debbie & others,

    To get Hopi Pale Grey squash seeds, send a padded SASE to the magazine and they’ll forward groups of requests on to us and I’ll send you seeds until I’m out. When I run out, I’ll post a notice.

  6. Matt, Cindy and Brenda,

    I’m glad your Baker Creek Hopi Pale Grey squash were the traditional Hopi PGs. I totally LOVE Baker Creek seeds and am getting together my order for a wide variety again this year.

  7. Lisa,

    No problem; some folks send extra stamps that are always appreciated to help out others.

  8. jacqueline,

    Just send a padded SASE to the magazine and they’ll forward bunches of requests on to me so I can send you some seeds as long as they last.

  9. Pat,

    I’m not sure what your’re asking; the price, attachements? We paid $4,600 for it and it came with a snow bucket, gravel bucket, bale spear for big round bales and an angle blade for the front end. We’ve already used to to move hay and I think it’s going to be a big help around the place.

  10. Hey Jackie, what do i need to do to get some Hope squash seed from you, do you think they will grow in SC? thanks

  11. Hey Mom and Dad can you please send some of that snow my way sense we are having a heat up here in Alaska.

  12. Jackie,
    How resistant are these to squash vine borers? I can’t seem to get anything to outwit the bugs in my garden.

  13. I would love a few seeds to grow this summer on our homestead, please send your address and I will send a sase, Thanks

  14. How do you can your squash? In chunks?
    I would love to see a picture when you get them all canned up.

  15. Jackie, I’d like a few of the squash seeds. Can you tell me your mailing address and how much postage to affix?

  16. Thank you for your pictures!! That Hopi squash is the same color as mine , inside and out. I got my seeds a year ago from Baker’s heirloom. Now I am trying to save mine. My husband really liked this squash. He has only eaten Acorn and I convinced him to try Hopi and he liked it even better!!

    I hear those Beavers snicker way down here every time I am out shoveling!!! (which of course is a lot lately!)

  17. Your pic of the Hopi Pale Grey looks like my mature squash the I grew from Baker Creek Seed purchased spring of 2012. It grew in isolation and no other C max’s in the garden have saved the seed and will plant again this year. The mature squash had same colored meat as yours, no strings, and how sweet it was. The all had a belly button on the ends, the mature ones were very heavy and large ovals, a pretty blue grey color. Thanks for all the pics and info on the HPG. We really love it and will continue to grow them here.

  18. You are so kind to share these seeds with us. I sent you a padded envelope this past weekend. Now I’m worried that I didn’t put enough postage on the return envelope, as I only attached one stamp to it. It seemed so light that I didn’t think it would need more, even with some seeds inside it. If it costs more to send it, I will surely reimburse you for the postage.

  19. Hello I have not seen this variety anywhere and the storage life alone is worth the preservation and I would be happy to accept seed to grow.

  20. Be safe in the storm that is on its way to you! I know you are prepared more than most in the path of the storm. Take care and let us know how the storm affects you and your corner of the world.

  21. Your picture of Hopi Pale Grey looks just like what I get when I have used Baker Heirloom seeds. Admittedly I haven’t bought new seed from them the last three years, just keep saving and sowing what I have.