Q and A: black growth on jar lids and woodpeckers — 4 Comments

  1. mine was like a hard black blob which ate a hole through the snap lid. It left a powdery sediment. I was too worried about the relish so chucked it. Then I saw the beginnings of it again in a new jar. Think we will eat it , hope we live

  2. Thanks for all of your info Jackie and Holly! Will put it to use and here’s hoping it works!

  3. My folks had the same trouble with their siding years ago (30) in Minnesota and their yard was included in the Winter Bird count every year. They unfortuately had to dispatch with a couple (lots of damage), spray the house for insects (painted cedar siding) and patch and paint the holes. I had the same problem on mine – around old windows. I took down all my suet and we had to put tin around the windows to slow down the damage two years ago. Last summer we totally resided the house with fiber cement and I am happily feeding my birds again…!

  4. in reply to Cheryl and Black growth on jar lids , are you using ball lids/rings ?
    In the last couple of seasons, using the ball lids/rings I’ve found a lot of this black crud also had problems with rust. I took back a package of lids because the “rubber” was only on part of each lid, Don’t know whats going on with ball but I”m an unhappy former customer.