Q and A: canning ground meat and planting apple seeds — 2 Comments

  1. I’m not sure if I remember my ‘history’ much, about the man called Johnny Appleseed? He planted seeds as he moved along, but it wasn’t really to get good eating apples, it was because you could get good hard cider? I guess pioneers would juice the apples and put in barrels, in the winter the juice would freeze, but the alcohol in the juice would make it’s way to the top of the barrel, and you could spoon/scoop it off, as alcohol doesn’t freeze. At least that’s what I think I remember.

  2. You will not get the same type of apple from seed as from graft. Apple seeds do not give you the same fruit as the parent tree – even if the parent tree isn’t grafted. Even the same seeds in the same apple will not give you the same variety of apple. This is the entire reason for grafting – because most apples don’t taste particularly good, when they found a variety that DID taste good, they propagated it via grafting to maintain the flavor profile.

    All Granny Smith apples EVERYWHERE originated from the same seed/tree – every one since then is a clone/graft of that original plant. Graftings taken from existing (grafted) GS trees will graft and yield GS fruit. Ditto every variety of apple.

    Apples are odd that way, and you definitely need more than one variety, as there are very few varieties which do not require cross-pollination. Also, not all varieties will cross-pollinate.

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