Q and A: canning cheese and not quite a steer — 5 Comments

  1. Debbie,

    It is always possible. But with cattle, it’s more unlikely than with horses. Usually with cattle, someone just missed one or pinched the same one twice.

  2. I see. If we have holstene we keep them longer but beef, around a year old, they are gone.

  3. Is there a chance the other testicle is up inside, which could pose a danger if he is castrated and people think he is a steer and might let there guard down? This happens with horses and my vet would not cut the one hanging until he could get to the one inside as he would still be a stallion.

  4. Nancy,

    We usually butcher our steers at about 24 months of age or about 1,000 pounds, whatever comes first. Bulls taste the same as steers but are harder to handle and more dangerous to be around in general. Of course he could be butchered now but there would be less meat.

  5. I would think that at 14 months old the steer? would be old enough to butcher. And having not been with a cow the taste of the meat should be alright. What taste that is going to be is already there, isn’t it?