Q and A: straw bale garden, freezing peppers to use later, and dry canned chicken meat — 7 Comments

  1. My neighbor would take a couple bales of straw apart, and spread it out. Then he would put his potato starts in them and cover them. He watered as necessary, and always had a bumper crop. All he used was a rake to uncover the new spuds. He seldom had to get on his hands and knees to dig them out, like we do in the dirt.

  2. Franci,

    I have to be creative making raised beds due to finances, too. My neighbor gave me an old car top carrier that I took apart giving me 2 raised beds. I used my drill to poke holes in the bottoms. They work great. This year I grew squash, lettuce and spinach in them.
    I have made other beds out of scrap lumber and used an old tire to contain my rhubarb plant. Five gallon buckets or really big flower pots work well, too.

  3. Man I had thought to try bailed straw in my garden and put down plastic to keep down the weeds. So many weeds, to bad they are not good for some thing. I guess I will start geathering up tubs to plant in.

  4. We straw bale gardened this year as a way to use an empty concrete drive space easily. We only used one bale high and made a horseshoe out of them. Squash and tomatoes grew great in them even in the hot southern summer without anymore water than our normal garden beds. We also harvested green beans from them. However, the straw gave the squash bugs lots of places to hide out.

    We started them in April and by mid-August they had disintegrated pretty much into piles of compost sort of resembling straw bales. I’m afraid if she stacked them two high, they would fall over on her unless she braced them up well.

  5. I have some friends whose whole very productive garden is in the tubs that cattle feed comes in. That is about the size of half of a 55 gallon barrel. They drill drainage holes up the sides about 2″. Then there is a water reservoir (we live in area that is sometimes very hot & dry area in the summer)

    Makes it easier to harvest, easier to work in. Weeds don’t seem to be any type of problem They put the tubs on black plastic.