We’re digging potatoes today, with a new family member — 12 Comments

  1. OOOOOOPS!!!! I do mean Back Woods Home Magazine……’nuff said!!! But I seriously have read all the articles in the archive and all of the archived blogs, every word, and have started them again!!! Rick

  2. Jon,

    We dig our potatoes after the vines have died down in the fall. You can dig them earlier but they keep better if they hold in the ground instead of in your basement. So we dig them after a couple frosts and before it freezes.

  3. Ralph,

    We’ll see how Hondo does as a stock dog. We are optomistic, though. We had a dog vs. deer incident back in Montana, only it was our wolf hybrid pup. The deer ended up chasing him all around the house and up onto our front porch. No damage to Yutah, but so much for deer being afraid of “predators”!

  4. Rick,

    I’d check with your local nursery or seed potato source and see if they will order some for you. That’s what I did after getting Dakota Pearls by “mistake” last year and finding out how great they are. Much cheaper than online and no shipping cost! (Ouch! You DID mean my artiles in Backwoods Home Magazine, didn’t you???) lol. Hey, you’re family to us!

  5. Cindy,

    I’d just toss them in the juicer; they’ll thaw real fast in there. We got the seed potatoes (Dakota Pearl) at our local feed mill, Homestead Mills in Cook, MN. But they’re not all that uncommon; I’ve seen them in several nurseries locally. Ask your local seed potato source now about ordering some when they do bulk orders in the early spring.

  6. Sure hope the new pup likes to stare down cows and goats! He will be a great addition to the farm. Its always fun to watch a natural herder at work. I’ve seen a video of them trying to stare down a deer. Uh, that doesn’t work out too well for the dog.

  7. Jackie I too want to know where to get the Dakota Pearl potatoes. I have seen them on line but they were selling tiny lots of about 2 pounds and I am frugal….I’d like to get 50 lbs. if they are available. My Yukon Golds did great as well as the Red Pontiac….Always read every word you write in Countryside and the blog and the questions and responses….Love you all….Rick

  8. I’ve dug the potatoes out of my barrels, but am waiting for a few dry days before attacking the ones in the plot up the hill. Up there they don’t get enough water so are much smaller than their cousins down by the cabin in pots. But any potato is a good potato. – Margy

  9. Your puppy is gorgeous!! He is so cute. I really like the looks of those potatoes too. Where did you find the seed? I always like to try new. The German Butterballs and our Kennebecs are great this year too. Do you know if I could put my frozen raspberries into my juicer and let them thaw and juice? Or should I thaw them all first? This is my first year with a juicer and I really like it! Excellent article on aging on the homestead in the Backwoods Home magazine.

  10. I now know what potato I’ll be planting next spring. And, your new puppy is too cute. Thanks for keeping us updated about your and Will’s homestead. I look forward to each and every post.