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Jackie Clay

Q and A: storing peanuts, canning ham, and jars still bubbling after canning

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014

Storing peanuts

I would like to store peanuts for long term use. Should I open the jars and oven can them? If so, using what procedure?
I also had vacuum sealed raisins and prunes that I got on “buy 1, get 1” sale last year. Would it be better to leave them in the store containers? Someone mentioned that these do NOT store for very long.

Judith Almand
Brandon, Florida

If the peanuts are already in vacuum-packed jars just store them as they are. Otherwise can the peanuts just as you do all nuts. Shell them and lay out on a cookie sheet in a single layer. Toast in the oven until hot, stirring so they don’t scorch a couple of times on your lowest oven setting. Pack into hot, dry jars, place hot, previously simmered lids on jars. I wipe mine off with a clean dish towel to eliminate any moisture, then turn the rings firmly tight. Process at 5 pounds pressure for 10 minutes. I gave up water bathing my nuts because they float and you have to weight down the jars which is a big pain in the you-know-what.

I have stored both raisins and prunes for several years leaving them in the store bags and packing them in an airtight container in my pantry. — Jackie

Canning ham

I got a couple of Easter hams on sale and canned them. In the past when I canned ham it turned out looking just like pinkish ham. This time they look a dark brown with a brownish liquid. I canned them the same way as in the past. Could you tell me why they are looking so dark and not like ham at all?

Shirley Toney
Liberty, Mississippi

I think it’s the brine the hams were soaked in before smoking. Some have more brown sugar/maple or smoked flavoring, both of which kind of dye the meat. I’ve had this happen too and the meat’s just fine. — Jackie

Jars still bubbling after canning

I just finished washing the jars after canning ham. All 12 pints initially sealed and they were fairly cool to touch. After removing the lids and washing them, I noticed that 4 jars looked like they were boiling/ had air bubbles coming up to the top of the jar. Are they coming unsealed? I had at least 1 inch or more headspace in all the jars and the hams were very lean.

I now have the bones broken in half in quart jars, plus 3 more smaller jars for beans started in the canner. Not too bad after feeding 4 people plus leftovers for the week for both households on $24. I am fairly certain my husband will be making a pot of beans either this week or next too.

Julia C.
Gardnerville, Nevada

I don’t wash my jars until they are cool to the touch. But the boiling is very normal for broth and meat canned in broth. It doesn’t mean the jars are coming unsealed, just that the liquid is still plenty hot.

I’m canning ham, too. I got two hams for .88 a pound and another that we had for Easter dinner. So I’m canning ham dices and chunks then tomorrow I’ll be canning bean soup and baked beans with ham flavoring. Even though we raise pigs to butcher, I’m a sucker for those on-sale hams and we sure get a lot of meals out of one ham, just like you do. — Jackie

2 Responses to “Q and A: storing peanuts, canning ham, and jars still bubbling after canning”

  1. Ruth Ann Martin Says:

    Our ham we had for Easter was very salty even after I washed it off. Is there any way to get some of that salt out of the ham. I was planning on canning the leftovers today as several of you have done.

  2. jackie Says:

    Ruth Ann,

    When you want to get rid of too much salt, try adding a few whole or half raw potatoes to the simmering ham in broth. That usually draws off quite a bit of the salt. When canning it, if it is still too salty, add a half of a raw potato to each canning jar. That will attract more salt and usually helps a lot. Throw away the potato on opening the jar.
    Also, don’t add salt to each jar on packing them.

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