Q and A: missing seeds, poultry, anthill, and snow sliding off of roof — 4 Comments

  1. Hey mom this is for the lady wanting to catch water. I live in Ketchikan Alaska up here we have many people on there own water cisterns and all they do is line there roof with snow shoes and use a good quality metal gutter with a quality mounting system and a screen for leaves and pine needles. About 5k people are not on our municipal water system and this is how they have been for over 100 yrs.
    Love your son

  2. I have trouble with black ants making nests and destroying tree roots on my fruit trees. Also they make large nests anywhere its partly sandy. I have found used cooking oil does a good job getting rid of them. Just beware it will kill grass too.

  3. Those in Oregon may want to check out state regulations before trying to collect water. The last I heard, the state is very unfriendly towards doing so. I read they say they “own” all water, including rain and snow. One man was fined huge amounts for doing so in the article I read. (Sorry, do not remember where. It may of been Mother Earth news?) I heard of the same ridiculous regulations are in CO, too.

  4. Those ants are called Thatcher ants and are a big deal near people and animals. They can and will bite anything that treads within 2m of their nest and I can tell you that their bite is no joke. I’m on the left side of OR and spend hours each year cutting down their population. They’re also known to build nests 2m+ in width and a full meter in height if left unchecked, so take care of that problem before letting the birds near them!