Q and A: canning enchilada sauce, tornado clucker plucker, using a steam juicer, bringing plants inside for the winter — 1 Comment

  1. Alice, I’ve had a steamer/juicer for years and according to my directions you are to start timing your grapes after you first start seeing some steam escaping from the top of the juicer. Grapes are timed 60 minutes. After all the juice is extracted I also do what Jackie said to do, tip the juicer towards you and you will get 1-2 more quarts of juice. When that juice is gone then I take a long handled wooden spoon and stir the grapes really well. This will mash the grapes and release more juice. I let the juice extract from that about 15 minutes. You will get another 1-2 quarts of juice after doing this. Tip your juicer once again to get the last little bit. These last jars may have a little more sentiment after settling but we don’t care, it still tastes delicious!