Q and A: livestock feeder and canning baked beans — 1 Comment

  1. Hi, Jackie. This comment is in response to Brandie’s request about feeder boxes for her two new cows. I recently read on Patrice’s “” blog how her husband built their new feeder box. There are some good photos there that might be a help to Brandie as well as the information you provided.
    Glad you missed the big snow but I would guess it will come eventually. Here in SW Missouri we are having a cold spell. Woke up to 16 degrees this am so hauled hot water out to the chickens. Need to get their water heater hooked up. No snow here as yet but then, we get nothing like you do up there. Again, thanks for all you share with us. We learn SO much from you. Will is quite the craftsman! Hope all is progressing well for Javid. Thanksgiving blessings to you and all your family. Marilyn in SWMO