Q and A: dirt piles in chicken coop and blastomycosis — 6 Comments

  1. Hi Jackie This is Linna with the dirt piles again. Thank all of your readers for your interesting ideas but, I think that I may have figured out what is doing this. My coop is fully enclosed with tight wood floors and walls but the automatic door is open all day. I believe that it may be a gray squirrel that is doing this. Most of our native squirrels are the smaller brown Douglas squirrel but during the last month I have seen just one larger gray squirrel around the yard and chicken yard. He may have been looking for a winter home and decided to set up behind my nest boxes. There is a 3-4 inch space between the studs on that wall and he could have gone back there. So far there is no damage to the eggs or hens and just the continuing dirt thrown out from behind the nest boxes. I had planned to put some mouse bait blocks behind there assuming that it was a rat, but now think I will not. If it were a rat, I think he would be eating eggs. I think that I will just keep an eye on it and hope he is a good neighbor for the hens. Thanks for the ideas. Linna Straub

  2. The piles of dirt sound like fire ant hills.

    At one home we had just built, we had small piles of dirt but that was from some sort of weevil not treated in the wood. However, the dirt piles were small, like the size of a quarter.

  3. Check the ceiling. I remember finding piles like that in my grandfather’s barn, they were dropped by barn swallows while building their nests out of dirt.

    Another possibility is some kind of insect. I see anthills bigger than that sometimes.

  4. Yes, a ‘chicken cam.’ I’m really curious now. I hope you find out what it is and keep us updated. :)