We just installed our next batch of kitchen cabinets — 14 Comments

  1. Wow! your Cabin is getting so beautiful. You guys have done such a wonderful job and on a budget too. I have to shake my head at what some people think as “necessary” and have to laugh at some of the TV shows on HGTV. Smaller is better, less wasted space!

    Congratulations on your Book, I am looking forward to reading it. I grew up on Zane Grey, Max Brand and others like them. I always skip over the “sex” in books, I like a bit left to the “imagination” truthfully. Give me a good ol adventure story any day.

    Take care,


  2. I hope I’m not the only guy that likes your kitchen. I should just say I like the whole house, barn,and everything else I have seen the pictures of. I wish the barn was here, but I don’t think one dog would fill it up. He is in the house at night in the winter so I really don’t “need” it.

  3. What a relief to have more pretty cabinets. I am so jealous…mine are not up yet.

  4. Deb,

    A house isn’t about size, but workability! I cringe when I read the log home magazines where folks’ weekend “cabin” would hold four of our houses easily! Who the heck needs five bathrooms??? (Where would Mittens look?) We haven’t set a date for our fall seminar, but it’ll probably be right after Labor Day so folks won’t have to pay extra for flying on a holiday. We’ll give you plenty of “warning”!

  5. The kitchen is beautiful! Things sure are getting fancy now…thanks for sharing. Mittens sure likes living with you guys!

  6. I have the same hickory cabinets from Lowe’s and the identical countertop.
    You are a patient woman and I admire the fact that you do not buy anything on
    credit. We have just a ten foot long counter area with cabinets beneath and above but I find that the more space you have, the more you fill it. Our cabin is just 720 sq. feet and it is all we need. I do dream about adding a sunroom but right now there is no money. My idea of decorating is to plant more flowers outside. I spend as little time as I can indoors when the temps are not
    bitter. I am hoping to attend the fall seminar with Sheryl. Have you set dates yet? Can’t wait to see all the changes you have made to the homestead.

  7. Your cabinets are beautiful! How exciting for you! I had to giggle at your cat!! Our dog will do that too!!

  8. Mittens and my cat sound a lot alike! Mine used to stick her paws under the door to try and get the attention of whoever was in the bathroom. And she still does the “NOW!” meow.

  9. Beautiful wood on those cabinets! I like the lighter color.

    Gosh, what are you guys going to do when your house is all done??

  10. Your cabinets are gorgeous!
    I certainly understand about the cat wanting to be “company” in the bathroom. I am rarely by myself in a room with cats in the house.

  11. Aren’t they just totally georgeous, and practical too. What a beautiful kitchen!! You’ve worked so hard for all that you have, and waited until you could pay cash too.

  12. Congratulations Jackie! I know you have waited an awful long time to get the nice things you do have. Your house was awesome years ago and you just keep making it better and better.