Ah, Spring! — 3 Comments

  1. Diana,

    Yep, we do have a big pantry. It’s 7’x12′ with 2′ deep shelves. But it’s getting full and I’ve overflowed to the basement shelves that Will built a couple of years ago, saying “These are NOT for food!”. Oh well…What can I say. He doesn’t complain a bit now.

  2. Handsome little boy. He’ll sire some pretty kids. You must have a humungous pantry to store all this stuff you can. Take a picture of it for us sometime. :)

  3. Your barn is looking good. Wish I had all those jars in my pantry. And the little buck is absolutely gorgeous. My Babylon, Nubian, Pygmy cross is due in June. I’m a first timer for goat babies, I’m getting a little nervous. Spring is great 75 here today. Take care, Betsy