We got our hay in just before the rain — 5 Comments

  1. We could never bring ourselves to squelch volunteers either — you just have to admire their fortitude and optimism, putting themselves out there like that! ;)

  2. Donna,

    The only good way besides freezing broccoli is to dehydrate it. It drys very nicely and is very versatile in soups, especially, such as broccoli and cheese soup (our favorite) or to use in casseroles.

    Thanks for the praise of Autumn of the Loons. I’m glad you liked it!!

  3. Our broccoli is not doing well either, which is unusual, because it is usually successful here. We love broccoli, so this is very disappointing. It is almost like our usual success crops are not doing well and ones that don’t do as well are much better than usual. BTW how do you preserve your broccoli Jackie. Also loved book 2. You are such a versatile gal.

  4. Anita,

    Broccoli likes cool weather and if we don’t get it in early enough it often will only produce small heads. But all is not lost! It also produces significant side-shoots, which is what most stores bundle and sell as a “head”. The more you cut, the more you’ll get. Let it go to flower and it’ll quit for the year. Good luck!

  5. I bought Goliath broccoli seeds from you Jackie, but mine did not produce very big heads, in fact they were quite small. I planted another vartery that I usually plant every year and that one didn’t produce well either, so this must not have been my year for broccoli. I didn’t change anything from other years that I’ve had sucess so I don’t know what was wrong this year.