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Living Freedom by Claire Wolfe. Musings about personal freedom and finding it within ourselves.

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Wednesday, January 9th, 2013 by Claire | Comments Off

STICKIED. Scroll down for newer posts.

Summer 2014 fundraiser: Keep a roof over Claire’s head! Thank you for making this fundraiser such a huge success. You can still donate if you want to, but I’m already totally wowed.

Thank you for using my Amazon links for your online shopping.

Tuesday links

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014 by Claire | 4 Comments »

Monday links

Monday, September 29th, 2014 by Claire | 8 Comments »

More non-nooz, well mostly non-nooz …

The last minutes: Inside the cockpit of Air France Flight 447

Sunday, September 28th, 2014 by Claire | 7 Comments »

… and how human error begets automation, which in turn increases human error.

One of the most harrowing things you’ll ever read.

“Little Jackie” and thoughts about the role of elders in a world that has no use for them

Sunday, September 28th, 2014 by Claire | 11 Comments »

I woke at 4:00 the last two mornings with the words “Meglin Kiddies, Meglin Kiddies, Meglin Kiddies” repeating in my sleepy brain.

The thought is urgent enough to end my night, feeling there’s something I must do or some revelation I’m about to have. But nothing ever forms beyond those words. What’s so urgent, I don’t get to find out.

The Meglin Kiddies, as almost nobody knows, were a singing, dancing, acting Hollywood troupe from whence sprung the likes of Shirley Temple, Mickey Rooney, and Judy Garland.

I’d have never heard of them except that when I was a very young woman I knew a much older man who claimed to have been one of them.

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Hope for high schoolers

Friday, September 26th, 2014 by Claire | 9 Comments »

Well now, this is encouraging. Teenagers commit civil disobedience to protest a proposed new history curriculum that would de-emphasize strife and civil disobedience:

Hundreds of students walked out of classrooms around suburban Denver on Tuesday in protest over a conservative-led school board proposal to focus history education on topics that promote citizenship, patriotism and respect for authority, in a show of civil disobedience that the new standards would aim to downplay.

Yeah, yeah, I know that school curricula have always been political playthings. I came through prison school in one of those “shut up and obey” eras. Learning only the positive, patriotic, authority-respecting version of history and “civics” was oppressive and dishonest — and led anybody with a brain to distrust people who felt such a need to hide reality.

Actually, the propaganda of “my day” was about as oppressive and dishonest as all politically driven schooling inevitably is, whether “right” or “left.” Curricula have swung in all manner of weird directions since then.

And yeah, yeah, I know the answer is get rid of government schooling. But in a country that was born in defiance of law and authority, I still can’t help but think this is a smile-worthy development.

Thursday links

Thursday, September 25th, 2014 by Claire | 10 Comments »

Ya know, takes a lot longer to come up with a links dump of good, useful stuff than collect a bunch of interesting nooz. But we try, we try.

Finally some thanks are in order. I didn’t mean to bleg when I wrote about the latest roof troubles. Yeah, that was a shock and a blow (and not only to the structure). But it’s also … well, life in old houses. After what you guys already did, I’m not asking a thing.

But yesterday, in came two $50 donations. So big thanks, MK and SH, for lifting my mood — and helping lift that wacky roof.

More from Vin: The Testament of James

Wednesday, September 24th, 2014 by Claire | 1 Comment »

Okay, with me deadlining, let’s let Vin Suprynowicz continue to carry some weight around here. (Seriously, it’s good to see him back so strong after a few quiet years.)

As Bear pointed out in comments yesterday, Vin’s got a new novel coming out soon and is running excerpts on his blog. Here’s the first excerpt. Two others are already up. Look in the archives under “books.”

It’s very cool so far. Kind of a DaVinci Code vibe around a biblical mystery and a seller of rare books. I love that stuff.

It all goes back to that darned tree

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014 by Claire | 30 Comments »

Yeah. That tree.

Well, the tree and the incompetents who built the former porch (now entryway and sleeping nook) on this house.


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Vin on the Bundy Ranch/
roof update

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014 by Claire | 3 Comments »

I’m deadlining this week and also dealing with the aftermath of my crushed roof, so posting may (or maybe not; we’ll see how it goes) be light.

But here’s some good reading. This summer (and now, this fall) Vin Suprynowicz has been running a long series on what happened (and may yet happen) at the Bundy ranch. His first episode (1 of 6) is here. His latest (5 of 6) is here.

I don’t see a good chain of links between them, but you can find them by searching one of the archive categories they appear in, like private property.


Fall falls today and Mother Nature has decided to be predictable for once. First big rainstorm with potentially high winds comes in tonight. I’m ready for it and so is the main part of my roof, thanks to you.

We’ll see how that one fragile corner takes it. I’m still despairing over what happened, but that corner can be closed off from the rest of the house, if need be.

Contractors Mike and Joe looked at the problem yesterday and are coming back today to tear into the ceiling for closer inspection. Their tentative judgment about the cause: not the roofers, but amateurish construction way back when (merely aggravated by the roofers and before that, by that falling tree yanking on the fragile roof structure when it pulled down the electrical stanchion).

Gads, ya gotta just love free enterprise
and other random thoughts

Monday, September 22nd, 2014 by Claire | 13 Comments »

Wouldn’t you just know it? Wouldn’t you just? As soon as domestic drones even start looking like they could be a nuisance, somebody comes up with this: Drone Shield.

Yes, indeedy, you to can keep the paparazzi and other airborne vermin away. Fancy that! But look who all is in the list of potential clients — a veritable roster of the crony capitalist police state. Pity.

(H/T MJR.)


People laughed earlier this summer when big-time columnist Maureen Dowd tried her first cannabis, did it unwisely, and wrote about feeling like she was dying. They thought she was making a ridiculous big deal out of a pot experience.

I didn’t laugh. I had an experience like hers. Edible pot. Not for some of us, no, no, not ever. Turns out even the Emperor of Pot, Willie Nelson won’t touch edibles for that very reason.


In more mundane news, I had to pull a tick off the base of my cat’s ear tonight. We don’t usually get ticks and though I’ve yanked a few off dogs, I’ve never tackled a kitty.

I figured that “tackle” might be the operative word. But Kitsu is such a mild-mannered little thing that after a few token twists to keep her head out of my hands, she sat still for the procedure. She was very offended, and demanded out immediately afterward, but the only one harmed by the experience was the tick.

I was kind of surprised.

About that alleged money pit

Sunday, September 21st, 2014 by Claire | 27 Comments »

I have a confession to make.

As confessions go, it’s a boring one, so don’t get excited. I’m not about to admit that I’m secretly an ATF agent or that I do strange things with lace-clad armadillos. But there’s definitely something I haven’t been telling you.

It’s about the very mundane (albeit often hair-raising) matter of home improvement.

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If it ain’t one damn thing, it’s another: Part II

Friday, September 19th, 2014 by Claire | 21 Comments »

Roofing crew arrived at 7:30 sharp this morning. Never saw any group of people move so fast and with such coordination and obvious expertise. Freakin’ impressive!

After they’d been here three hours I went outside and took pictures of their astounding progress.

Then I came back in, figured I’d play with the dogs a bit, quit being jumpy from the noise and chaos, and try to get some actual writing done. Sat down on the floor to toss a nerf ball for Ava. Looked up. And … whoops.

Scary whoops.

The heavy, old-fashioned wooden beadboard ceiling in one room had dropped three inches in one corner. The only thing keeping it from dropping farther was a clothing hook. I put that hook up there to hold a curtain rod, so I know all too well how insecurely attached it is. Very insecurely.

You know how a couple of you said that putting all that heavy material in stacks on the roof should be no problem? Well, should be. And it wasn’t a problem as long as all that weight was up on the main beam where you saw it in the photo yesterday. But the roofers decided to pull the material down and stage it on what used to be a porch.

They put most of the weight on that corner — and the former porch (now sleeping nook) pulled right away from the rest of the house. You can see daylight. And since all that heavy beadboard had never been properly attached to the rafters, down it came.


Not the roofers’ fault, of course. How would they anticipate something like that? Mike, the same friendly handyman who rescued me earlier this summer from a large hole in the roof, will be by later to temporarily brace it up. But … well, if it ain’t one damn thing, it’s always another.

I love old houses.

Really. I love old houses.

I do.




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