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Living Freedom by Claire Wolfe. Musings about personal freedom and finding it within ourselves.

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Wednesday, January 9th, 2013 by Claire | Comments Off

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It’s not a bad life

Friday, January 30th, 2015 by Claire | No Comments »

We’re having another of those moments where the sky is blue, the sun blinding, and the air so mild that fleece sweatpants and a turtleneck under the tee-shirt are almost too much.

So the guy who helps with my yardwork turned up to do somellong-discussed brush clearing, trash hauling, and felling of small trees. (Totally blowing my January “minimalist” budget, but that’s another story.) Twice this week he and a couple of grubby kids (one of whom is his daughter-in-law, a tough bundle of charm) have crawled down the slope across the road and dug in. They’ve attacked noxious giant weeds (which my beekeeping neighbors won’t let me poison if I want to keep peace in the valley). They’ve taken down and heaped up small, malformed trees. They’ve hauled out every sort of trash, from microwaves and broken toilets to dozens of bags of cat poop.

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JPFO’s newly revised history (please brain-wipe any previous versions of JPFO’s history you erroneously imagine you know even if you were personally there to witness them)

Thursday, January 29th, 2015 by Claire | No Comments »

Oh man. This is sick. And I don’t mean that in a good way.

I’m not surprised at this slick rewrite of reality — especially not after reading the multitude of lies about JPFO that were carefully fed to the gun media during the sellout to SAF. Still. Gag a maggot.

And equally unsurprising … how much do you see there about charging forward into the future with JPFO’s never-compromise message at the fore? Nope. Just aren’t we wonderful? Now send us money.

No, definitely not surprised.

Thursday links

Thursday, January 29th, 2015 by Claire | 7 Comments »

Midweek links

Tuesday, January 27th, 2015 by Claire | 20 Comments »
  • Surprise, surprise. Yet another fedgov agency is operating a vast, covert, random surveillance program. Hm. Do they still sell those anti-cam sprays and films for our license plates?
  • Gottlieb’s CCRKBA endorses Matt Shea’s bill to repeal I-594. And note the ringing anti-background check language! (She says, rolling her eyes.)
  • I’m not linking to this CNN op-ed because it’s brilliant. On the contrary, it’s an astonishingly logic-free defense of Obamacare. I’m linking to it because it may contain one of the single most bizarre justifications of tyranny oxymorons ever to occupy the mind of a human being. To wit: “The ACA does not allow government to interfere in our lives; it compels government to keep us as safe and healthy as possible.” Admit it, the ability to hold both those thoughts in the same brain is an admirable feat.
  • Speaking of admirable, scientists say they’ve figured out how to uncook an egg.
  • Data point: not all surrender monkeys are cheese eaters.
  • Sweet firearms training story: “Save a life or sneer at an idiot — your choice.” (Actually, though, I don’t know of too many people who would sneer at the woman in this tale. Lots would probably sneer at her firearm, though.)
  • “Dear random, shirtless partygoer.” You know those things you always think of saying only after the fact? The ‘Net lets you say them so well.

Deadlining the next couple of days. Entertain each other; you’re very good at that. :-)

David Codrea doesn’t want this one forgotten

Sunday, January 25th, 2015 by Claire | 17 Comments »

And neither does David Hardy. Who compared the revelations in the Dobyns/ATF case as being a “Watergate or worse.”

The ATF and DoJ will bury this, exactly as they tried to get (and unfortunately all-but-succeeded in getting) Fast & Furious buried.

No, I’m not expecting this audience of cynics to be “shocked, simply shocked” at what the fedgov did to agent Jay Dobyns. I even expect that some will say, “Well, he knew the kind of scum he was associating with (and I don’t mean the Hells Angels he infiltrated). He deserved whatever he got.”

So why am I posting this? Maybe I’m doing it just to drive a little traffic David’s way, since pays by the pageview and pays so poorly their writers have to hustle views. David deserves the best.

But you know, really I’m posting it because, silly as it is, naive as it sounds, I still want to see wrongs righted. I still want to see these creeps who rule the U.S. brought to justice. I wouldn’t go so far as to say I have hope. But I can’t give up the idea that there’s still at least a hope of a hope. Somewhere. A hope in the mythical power of We the People to tame and hold an “honest government.”

Okay, okay. I just slipped a gear there for a moment. Little fugue state.

Anyhow, we know from F&F that David (and Mike Vanderboegh, too) will grab onto something like this and never let it go. So whether or not real justice is ever administered, those two and others will chip-chip-chip at the crumbling facade of fedgov (and especially ATF/DoJ) legitimacy.

Sunday-Monday musings

Sunday, January 25th, 2015 by Claire | 6 Comments »

My apologies, all you people there on the upper east coast. I hear that the ghastly weather you’re having is our fault. Something to do with this monstrous ridge of high pressure plunging down on us; creates a monster low for you.

Believe me, I was thinking of you this afternoon while I contemplated whether or not I should wear the tee-shirt with a turtleneck or skip the turtleneck for a dog walk. I felt soooooo guilty.

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Great weekend reads

Saturday, January 24th, 2015 by Claire | 5 Comments »

To keep you busy and out of trouble this weekend.

Friday links

Friday, January 23rd, 2015 by Claire | 5 Comments »

The mind of Alan Gottlieb

Thursday, January 22nd, 2015 by Claire | 7 Comments »

Over at TZP, I ponder the mind of Alan Gottlieb as he further strives to divide Washington state gun owners so that that his ally Bloomberg can march on to victory in the next state. (Watch out, Nevada!)

Wednesday links

Wednesday, January 21st, 2015 by Claire | 13 Comments »
  • “The Doughty Swiss” and their fabulous franc.
  • If you thought the Obama administration and fed ‘crats had backed off on using banks to try to shut down gun stores, think again.
  • In one California city citizens take direct action to try to get justice against brutal cops.
  • The emergency room: a microcosm for misplaced priorities. We see this in animal rescue/welfare work, too, in the form people who can afford pricey tattoos, cigarettes, and weekly lotto tickets and scratch cards — but “can’t” come up with $25 to keep their pets from producing endless, unhealthy litters year after year.
  • In legalizing recreational cannabis, Alaska faces some unique hurdles. Well, one unique hurdle, mainly: that hurdle we all know and love so well, the fedgov.
  • Fresh guacamole! Delightful video via A.G. in comments.

Graveyard in fog

Tuesday, January 20th, 2015 by Claire | 4 Comments »

Matt suggested in comments that the road painting I posted last night might have monsters lurking just around the bend. Actually, I’d seen that road as leading someplace cheery (with the sunrise and all). But Matt gave me an idea that my next attempt at art should be something very non-cheery.

I thought about old tombstones with long morning or evening shadows. This morning the sun wasn’t cooperating, but I got these photos. No shadows, just fog.

Not great photography, I know. But sufficient gloom to work with.




And this final photo is the one I think I’ll try to work with. No idea how to capture that mist with colored pencil or pastel. But I’ll see what I can do.


This cemetery is a place where the dogs and I frequently walk. In that final shot are two of the saddest tombstones I’ve ever seen (from a few weeks in 1902 and ’03). Definitely a haunted place, but that’s a tale for another time.


Tuesday, January 20th, 2015 by Claire | 11 Comments »

I’ve been trying some new things with artwork. Click if you’d like to see.

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