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Living Freedom by Claire Wolfe. Musings about personal freedom and finding it within ourselves.

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Wednesday, January 9th, 2013 by Claire | Comments Off on

STICKIED. Scroll down for newer posts.

Thank you for using my Amazon links for your online shopping.

Weekend links

Saturday, June 25th, 2016 by Claire | 10 Comments »

I owe hat tips for several of these items, but I’ve fogotton to whomm I owe them all, so please accept much general hat tipping.

  • Preferring to avoid negative campaigning is one thing. Libertarian candidates sucking up to Hillary on media demand is another.
  • Don’t care about the Brexit that’s consuming the world’s media right now? Well, how ’bout a Texit — a Texas exit? (I’m amused at those “constitutional scholars” who say a U.S. state can’t secede from the union. The constitution neither said nor implied that; only overwhelming military force said that. Doesn’t take any scholar to see 600,000 dead people.)
  • Following up on Friday’s Irish rebellion references, here are 50 things you didn’t know about the 1916 Easter Rising. With photos.
  • Your computer. In your home. has no Fourth Amendment protection if feddies choose to hack it. Dumb decision!
  • And biometrics march on.
  • The lefties claim demographics will be on their side in the future. But what if the whole “blue model” of urban living is doomed by telecommuters?
  • Wait. Brent Spiner and his Dr. Brackish Okun will be back in the remake of Independence Day? But didn’t we see him squished to death by an Evil Alien? No, it seems we saw no such thing.
  • Humans are funny. It seems people want their driverless cars programmed to kill others, but paradoxically, not kill themselves in exactly the same situations.
  • No-fly/no-buy equals no freedom, says Judge Napolitano.
  • Another amazing sci-med story: surgeons save a baby whose brain was growing far outside his head
  • This is your dog. This is your dog on magic mushrooms. Any questions?

SMOD forever + cool binocs

Saturday, June 25th, 2016 by Claire | 2 Comments »

Given the state of U.S. poly-ticks, I urge you not to forget the one truly great candidate. You can get your Sweet Meteor O’ Death bumper stickers here and your SMOD yard signs here.

NFI on my part. Carl-Bear made and is selling these.



Nearer to my heart, but also NFI (except in the sense that it helps The Zelman Partisans grow), are these new binoculars in the TZP store. Compact, slick, and so very useful.

Limited number available. Get ’em while you can.


BTW, thanks to The Amazing Jo Ann, we’ve now made it easier for people who want to pay by check or money order.

These are the times that try men’s souls

Friday, June 24th, 2016 by Claire | 14 Comments »

Thomas Paine wrote those words after the shooting had already begun at Lexington and Concord, after the signing of the Declaration of Independence, a fact that always surprises me. We tend to think that by that time, the game was on, lines were irrevocably crossed, and everybody who was going to take a side and get involved was already committed. But not quite so.


We of course haven’t even had our Lexington moment yet and frankly I pray we never do. Even in the best cases (and the American Revolution was certainly one of those), shooting wars ultimately play into the hands of the most wily statists. Who shoots first, shoots straightest, has the biggest weaponry, or has “God on their side” doesn’t always determine how free people are once the smoke has cleared.

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Midweek links

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016 by Claire | 24 Comments »
  • “Why Linkedin will make you hate Microsoft.” Wait. What? You don’t already hate Microsoft? But seriously, if they really do what this NYT article says they’re planning, we’re talking whole new levels.
  • Wow. Beer can, mama bear, and don’t-forget-the-dog save a woman during a long ordeal. But note what she really wishes she hadn’t left at home.
  • Have you ever sensed that, the great All-Powerful Fact-Checker of the Intertubz, sometimes needs fact-checking itself — particularly on political issues? Turns our you’re quite right. Look who’s providing those political “facts”. Makes me sad. Snopes has been a valuable resource and this is slowly destroying their credibility. (H/T OdS)
  • Oh, the poo, poo widdle antigun politician. And of course he merely joins the ranks of fellow hypocrites. (That second article is actually about the Monica Lewinsky scandal and the Clintons turning the White House into “a brothel.” Quite gross, really. It mentions Hillary’s fondness for firearms only in passing.)
  • And speaking of non-hypocrites: history’s top-10 snipers. (H/T DA)
  • And Nicki gives it good and hard to an antigun ignoramus.
  • Registering women for the draft? Sigh. I suppose it was only a matter of time. But if we must have the sort of bogus “equality” that puts women into combat, could we at least do away with the kind of bogus inequality that makes any young people, let alone all of them, slaves eligible for government disposal?
  • Wendy McElroy’s new book on ending rape-culture hysteria is finally out in print. Was only an ebook until now.
  • I know these rainbow #shootback posters (Gadsden style!) are old news now in Internet time since Shel put them into comments last week. But they are sooooo beautiful. And so much wiser and more honest than the O-admin’s craven claim that censoring 911 transcripts from the latest murder-for-Mohammed was done “for the victims”.

It actually began with that smartphone

Tuesday, June 21st, 2016 by Claire | 6 Comments »

Today’s earlier post actually began with me thinking about my new TracFones. Then it went off in its own direction, as these things tend to do.

I was disgruntled a month or so ago when TracFone cryptically failed-to-announce that my ancient 2G phones (EDC and backup) were about to become obsolete.

But I’m quite happy about it now. For one thing, once I had new phones in hand, the changeover was automated and easy — as few things are with TracFone. But beyond that, the phones are a pretty big leap past the old Motorola flip-phone whose numbers were getting worn into blurs despite my ardent phone-avoidance.

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“If you’re living a normal life, you have nothing to worry about.”

Tuesday, June 21st, 2016 by Claire | 20 Comments »

“If you’re living a normal life, you have nothing to worry about.”

That quote, which appears in this Atlantic article, seems on its surface a mere variation on the old untrue truism “If you’ve got nothing to hide you’ve got nothing to fear.”

Bad, but not news.

But as the headline and theme of the linked article clearly show, data gathering and selling is now truly beginning to affect every aspect of our lives. And is doing so in ways that are used to judge us as “fit” or “unfit” to function in society — ways that permit no appeal. Often it’s done in ways that permit no knowledge of what’s being done to us. Increasingly, the definition of “normal life” is being judged by secret data and proprietary algorithms.

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Things Amazonian. And ghostly.

Friday, June 17th, 2016 by Claire | 10 Comments »

Last month, after Dave quit paying me to blog, you guys rose grandly to the occasion via Amazon. May was the best non-Christmas month ever. Not enough to make up for the lost income, but it definitely went a good ways in that direction. For which, many smooches.

This month? Erm … not so much. I believe the word for it is “sucks.”

Amazon has its natural ups and downs, so normally I don’t worry. But nothing’s been normal since that email from BHM.

So I’m just asking once again. Whether you’re at a level where you’re Cookin’ With Beans and Rice (which is a great little Mormon cookbook, BTW) … or a level where you do your cooking in style with an Ecoque portable grill (which over the years has been the most popular item I’ve ever linked) … please do it via my Amazon links.

The drill again for those who don’t know, is that if you use any one of my Amazon links, any time you visit Amazon to purchase anything, then everything you purchase during that visit will earn me a commission.

Or you could just bookmark my main Amazon link and use it as your forever-entry to that great and vast marketplace o’ stuff. That’ll make your life — and mine! — easier.


Amazon may be having a pitsy month, but I did receive a mysteriously uplifting donation. Which came from a ghost. Not a Ghost as in the ranks of Freedom Outlawry (though perhaps that, too). But a ghost as in spectral haunting.

Or so the return address said. Really. A famous regional ghost from one of the most haunted parts of the country. I’ve sent thanks to the live person I’m guessing sent the donation. But just in case I guessed wrong … Thank you, Ms. Ghost.


And again … I’m not soliciting donations right now. Hoping to put that off for a while as I see how I do without. It was wonderful to get that ghostly boost, but if you want to donate, I’m pretty sure I’ll give you an “official” chance later. Perhaps soonish, as later goes. But later.

Gun-rights restoration when the cops don’t agree and the feds are sloppy record-keepers

Friday, June 17th, 2016 by Claire | 18 Comments »

I have a friend who’s a big, bad felon. You know, one of those eeeevil villains who’s not fit to own a firearm (Unlike Florida jihadi Omar Mateen, who was vetted multiple times by the FBI, found totally a-okay, and breezed through the NICS background check).

My friend’s felony record still stands, but in the state where he now lives (not the one where he committed his savage depredations), he discovered he was eligible to have his rights restored. He went to court and he became a “real” citizen again.

He was raised around firearms and always enjoyed them. Being a serious freedomista he also understands the connection between guns and liberty. So on both counts he was delighted at the prospect of purchasing his first pistol.

Court order in hand (and having waited sufficient time for the order to make its way all the way through the system), he went into a gun store for the very first time in his life. He had a great time checking out various sidearms before settling on a big Glock. Filled out the application. Looked forward to taking his purchase home.

Denied. “Red bar bigger than the gun,” he told me. Heartbreaking.

But it gets worse. A week later, state police showed up on his doorstep on a Sunday afternoon, threatening to arrest him — now or at any time. Yes, now or at any time. Either the state police or the feds can do the honors now that he — this vicious felon — has dared tried to buy a gun.

“Talk about entrapment by estoppel,” he sighs. “This is text book.”

The state cops knew about the court order. They had a copy. But tough luck.

His lawyer says the law is on his side. Even the district attorney says the law is on his side. Both have written letters to the state police confirming that. But the state police will do nothing to clear him through NICS — while being perfectly willing to arrest him now that NICS has wrongly said no.

He says, “I read something about 78k denials for felonies last year (I think), and wonder how many of them are folks like me who spent thousands to get pardons, expungements, restorations at the state level, only to have the feds still deny because they just don’t update their records. According to this USA Today story
there is no working appeals process, so once you’re in [the NICS system as a prohibited person] you’re in.”

Now he either faces a long, expensive legal battle, which he may not win, or a lifelong ban coupled with threats to his safety and his freedom.

His state doesn’t allow private sales, and even if it did he wouldn’t take the risk now that the cops are watching him.

I’m writing to ask if anyone has any experience with something like this. I’m pretty sure my friend will come in, answer questions and otherwise participate in discussion on this.

Oh. And about that eeeeeevil, deadly felony that makes him totally unfit to protect his home or go plinking at a quarry? Thirty-plus years ago he was convicted of possessing $40 worth of crank and $3 of cocaine.

“Yup,” he says, “$43, I didn’t forget the zeroes, weren’t any. Never been a violent person, either.

“I’d like to find out whether I’m alone or if others suffer the same fate, and if so to bring some light to it. It would feel like I helped if we can prevent someone else from falling into the same trap.”

Desperate midweek tab clearing and information dump

Wednesday, June 15th, 2016 by Claire | 22 Comments »
  • Brad R. dropped this in comments, but it’s too good to remain hidden. Leave it to gunblogger Erin Palette to come up with this plan — free firearms training from gunnies to members of the LGBT and beyond community. Good on you, Erin. And good on you, Nicki Kenyon, for inspiring this!
  • Is it a crime to be poor? Increasingly, yes.
  • OTOH, Ralph Benko says the gold standard will restore upward mobility.
  • Donald Trump says you should go to prison if you fail to turn your “suspicious” neighbors in to the cops. And now he’s joining the crowd of both so-called conservatives and so-called progressives who want millions more people deprived of gun rights without due process or any appeal process. Hillary may be a rabid hoplophobe, but at least she’s not a fascist. Not quite, anyhow. (H/T NK)
  • Bill O’Reilly’s another “conservative” quick to hop on the anti-gun bandwagon. Doesn’t understand the meaning of the word “regulate,” either.
  • But Edward Morrissey gets it. Mostly. This is not the time to go squishy. Not the time to compromise with those whose aim is our total subjugation. Not the time to look for quick fixes that rob more rights. Now, more than ever, is the time to stand up and say NO and HELL NO.
  • And there’s human decency amid the carnage.
  • Oklahoma cops backtrack — momentarily — on stealing funds out of prepaid cards during traffic stops.
  • More support emerges for the two-phase sleep habit.
  • In Britain, support swings toward the Brexit, and Ambrose Evans-Pritchard states the good case. British bookies, however, still predict Britain will remain in the EU. Pity.
  • I think mere minimalism — in the sense of getting rid of possessions and acquiring fewer of them — is overrated. It doesn’t strike at the root of the problem of a cluttered, misdirected life. Clutter and excess are symptoms, not causes. Still, if you struggle with material too-muchness these tips are pretty decent.
  • When do you know it’s time? No, not to shoot the bastards, but to put down your dog. This is a question I’ve been asking for two years about Robbie, who turns 15 right about now. He’s happy, but fading. Furrydoc and I both hope he’ll just quietly die in his sleep one night.

This might be a good time …

Tuesday, June 14th, 2016 by Claire | 28 Comments »

… to invite your gay, lesbian, bi-, and trans- friends to the range.

Or tell them about The Pink Pistols if they live near a chapter or someplace where a chapter could start up.

UPDATE: Or better yet, from Brad R. in comments sign up to give free training.


This weekend’s foul murderer seems almost custom-designed to fit everybody’s hysteria agenda.

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Another smile for this gray day

Monday, June 13th, 2016 by Claire | 5 Comments »

Source (Tip o’ hat to PT)

A little good news

Monday, June 13th, 2016 by Claire | 5 Comments »

Because the MSM (and of course most of the gunblogosphere) is currently “all murder, all the time,” I thought a bit of good news was in order (courtesy of MJR).

Seems recently the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife “requested” access to a creekside property to survey for some frog you’ve never heard of.

The homeowners said yes. That is, they said yes … BUT.

I think their response will cheer you.


(And if you need a laugh booster shot later in the day, come back to the blog after noon. Got another funny queued up for you.)



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