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Living Freedom by Claire Wolfe. Musings about personal freedom and finding it within ourselves.

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Wednesday, January 9th, 2013 by Claire | Comments Off on

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Come and take them. Start here.

Friday, October 9th, 2015 by Claire | 25 Comments »

Stirring myself to the right words after One of Those Tragedies always takes a while. First, there’s the dragged-down feeling of “here we go again.” The antis rush gleefully on stage to perform their blood dances and once again, decent people need to respond to them, if for no other reason than to keep the record straight.

We can’t even stop to speak with decency and sympathy for the horrible losses because to speak at all is to become political. And that’s obscene.

Mass murders, whether by bomb or knife or vehicle or poison, are horrific individual tragedies. But mass murders by firearm result in a dreary sameness.

Except this time.

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Big Scary Project begins

Thursday, October 8th, 2015 by Claire | 14 Comments »

It’s started. The Big Scary project.

And I’m as nervous as the proverbial long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. With spikes on their rockers. Poisoned spikes. With blasting caps in them. And alien plague germs. Flesh-eating alien plague germs.

One good thing: worst comes first. The initial step (which I’m staying out of the way of) is to tear up part of the floor to gauge just how much rot, beetle damage, carpenter ant infestation, and other baddies might be under there. Once we see that, we know the baddest of the bad things that can happen on this project. I’ll be very, very glad to get that out of the way. Just knowing helps, even if the fixing turns out more complicated than hoped.

After that, it’s a picnic. Well, most likely a picnic with ants, wasps, yellow-jackets, particularly aggressive blue jays, thunderstorms threatening, and a party of teenagers next door blasting rap music and drinking ’til they puke. But by comparison, a picnic.

Wish us luck.

Thursday links: Second Amendment edition

Thursday, October 8th, 2015 by Claire | 22 Comments »
  • Give ’em hell, Nicki!
  • Alas, here is a gun owner who very, very much seems to get it. Then doesn’t.
  • Australia’s notorious gun confiscation didn’t work as well as hoplophobes claim — and wouldn’t work here. (You already knew that, didn’t you?)
  • Father of wounded Oregon student refuses to participate in Obama’s political display. Local VIPs aren’t planning to welcome Our Glorious Leader either.
  • J.D. Tuccille: With 3D printers, all things are possible. And so are all panics.
  • Media more deadly than “gun nuts.” (Stolen from Joel)
  • John McAfee brings his famously wild brain (and unfortunately a lack of solid stats) to his claim that we should forget gun control and worry more about EZ EMPs. Challenged on the EMP question, he backs up his claim that a smart kid could destroy a city. I don’t know how good his information is, but this’ll make you think. His smackdown of Obama’s single-issue silliness is good, in any case.

Midweek links

Wednesday, October 7th, 2015 by Claire | 14 Comments »
  • Even a gun controller calls Obama’s response to the UCC campus killings a tantrum and correctly states that nothing Our Glorious Leader wants will end violence.
  • Here’s a pretty good fisk of Hillary Clinton’s latest opportunistic anti-gun knee-jerking, too. Again, it’s by somebody who’s hardly a pro-gun purist. Here’s another good one.
  • I’d expect this sort of thing in over-regulated, over-zoned cities, but when rural Colorado tries to keep people from living off-grid on their own land, we’re truly in a pickle. (Via jed in comments)
  • Have you ever complained about how some arbitrary credit score governs too much of your life (from the ability to rent an apartment to whether or not you can get a job)? Well, if this article is accurate, you should be glad you don’t live in China. Where your political opinions and those of your friends might soon be scored. (I must stress, though, that I don’t yet know how correct this info is. A writer on the ACLU site confirms the original piece, but more solid info is needed.)
  • TPP negotiations are finished and the Electronic Frontier Foundation calls the (still largely secret) pact a betrayal.
  • The old-fashioned way to say this is, “The Bill of Rights isn’t a Chinese menu.” Pretty good thinking for a New York lawyer. ;-) (H/T S)
  • Sorry for the Schadenfreude, but I’m still laughing at “Zuckerberg’s $100 Million Lesson”.

Rally in Roseburg, this Friday the 9th

Tuesday, October 6th, 2015 by Claire | 11 Comments »

HEADS UP! Obama’s headed to Roseburg, Oregon, on Friday to continue politicizing the UCC murders for the sake of his anti-gun agenda. Locals and other activists are responding with a rally telling the Hoplophobe in Chief that he and his anti-rights agenda aren’t welcome in rural Oregon.

If you’re in the area and can attend, please send reports and photos. I’ll gladly post them here.

(Tip o’ hat to LS for the word)

The perils and rewards of home improvement, part umpty umpity, yada yada

Tuesday, October 6th, 2015 by Claire | 10 Comments »

I’ve been occupied lately getting ready for the next Big Scary Project on my house. This one involves demolition of one of the many ill-conceived and ruinously awful additions, foundation and under-flooring repair in one corner of the house, plus moving and completely reconstructing the bathroom.

The real work could begin as early as Thursday, as late as Monday, or could be postponed for months if Handyman Mike’s Perpetual Life Crisis doesn’t resolve in time for his work to be coordinated with that of The Only Plumber In Town, whose appearance is a privilege that must be arranged two months in advance.

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This week’s TZP poll

Monday, October 5th, 2015 by Claire | 7 Comments »

… asks about the most effective way to stop mass public shootings.

Monday links

Monday, October 5th, 2015 by Claire | 12 Comments »

Before I get to the linkage — good luck to all you on the east coast, especially from the Carolinas to New Jersey. Keep to high ground and away from the surf and flooded roads, please. We need to keep you guys around!

Oh well, whatever else goes on, at least there are dogs. Climb on board the dog train and enjoy the ride.

Friday linkathon

Friday, October 2nd, 2015 by Claire | 12 Comments »
  • An anxious space geek makes good in Hollywood.
  • It’s just common sense that you should be free to shoot illegal home invaders. No matter who employs them.
  • Even when they are “legal” they are still sometimes scum who should not be welcomed in anything that calls itself a civilization.
  • While it’s not as unique as this article implies, the Anevay Frontier Stove looks like cool beans for preppers, campers, and small-house dwellers.
  • Doctor punches out pesky (and phony) ER patient. (I wonder if Japan has laws like ours that forbid doctors to turn anyone away from the ER.)
  • Do not try this at home.
  • Looks as if the Clinton machine may be setting up the ever-loyal Huma Abedin to take the fall for the email scandal. Since when is it an “intrusion” or a “comandeering” (even in the Washington Times) when an aide answers emails for the boss?
  • Meanwhile, Forbes tries to discover where the missing Clinton millions might be.
  • The lighter side to those new ICD-10 medical codes.
  • Thank you, bear.
  • Tribe to open a marijuana resort.
  • Your fingerprints can tell a lot more than whether you were at the scene of the crime.
  • The woman who dropped her newborn from a seventh-story window used to work for child protective services.
  • Karma’s a you-know-what. Those “scientists” who urged the fedgov to prosecute those who disagree with them have pulled their letter from the web (with lame excuses) after bloggers gave their lead guy’s finances a closer look.
  • “Parallel construction is a controversial investigative technique that takes information gained from sources like the NSA’s mass surveillance, covers up or lies about the sources, and then utilizes them in criminal investigations inside the United States.” Your gummint at work.
  • Ted Cruz, attempting to be relevant, appoints that unconscionable weasel and professional has-been, Bob Barr, to do outreach toward libertarians. (H/T JB)
  • That $750 pill that gained so much notoriety recently is (you will not be surprised to learn) more a product of the U.S. regulatory system than of some “greedy rogue” (however unsavory the rogue in question might actually be).
  • Dunno. Cloning pooches still seems creepy to me. Amazing. But creepy. Also wish this NPR piece had gone into more detail about how cloned dogs can differ so much, even in basic characteristics like markings, from their source material.

Life’s losers and making our own beds, part II

Thursday, October 1st, 2015 by Claire | 31 Comments »

Continued from yesterday …


As I was saying, we all have ways in which other people can look at our lives and say, “Why can’t she see how obviously she’s messing up?” I have mine.

One of them is doing things to keep myself from making much money. Although I deeply admire people who’ve accumulated a pragmatic amount of wealth and can be happy, prudent, and generous with it, I have a top beyond which I’m not comfortable going. It’s my ceiling. And it’s low.

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Eternal youth

Wednesday, September 30th, 2015 by Claire | 11 Comments »

BTW, for those who care … today is the 60th anniversary of the death of James Dean.

Yes, it’s a tragedy to die young, but it’s quite a feat to achieve lasting glory (and become an eternal symbol of Troubled Youth) on the strength of just three movies. Impossible to imagine James Dean living to 84.

I used to commemorate this day faithfully every year to the point where it became a running joke for my friends. Been lax about it lately. But sixty years dead and still going strong; that deserves some notice.

Life’s losers and the eternal question of whether the beds we lie in are really those we make for ourselves

Wednesday, September 30th, 2015 by Claire | 7 Comments »

Part I. Part II runs tomorrow. Really. It’s already written and in the post queue.


I ran into T. the other day. I was arranging to buy two heavy bookcases at an estate sale and he was there helping the lady who held the sale move gigantic sofas and king-sized beds.

For many years T. has been the area’s go-to guy for yardwork and miscellaneous donkey hauling.

Thing is, T. is a fragile little guy, well into middle age now. To see him, you’d think he belonged in the third desk from the right in some bureaucracy, but he’s … just not there.

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