Q and A: canning bacon, pepper rings, and rusty canning jars — 3 Comments

  1. I have used Bar Keeper’s Friend for years to polish copper boron pans, stainless steel pans, as a soak to take rust out of clothing, and to take rust out of our in canning jars. Usually found in the same section as comet cleanser scouring powder. It is pretty soft cleanser and doesn’t scratch like comet if you use light pressure. A paste put onto fire glass surrounds melts off the hard water and rust stains also. We rarely don’t have a can in our house.

  2. Cody,

    They’d need to be pressure canned but I don’t think the combo would work well that way. I’d just stuff the pickled peppers on use, instead. Wouldn’t take long.

  3. I have a question about the pepper ring recipe…if I used hot cherry peppers and stuffed them with proscuitto and provolone, do you think that they could be water bathed, or would they need to be pressure canned?