Snow is in the forecast — 5 Comments

  1. Rick Riley,

    I’m glad to hear the bear missed your hives; they can sure be destructive there. We’ve learned that when you have livestock and poultry in wild critter country, sooner or later you’ll lose some. Fact of live. We sure don’t like it, but stuff happens. We just try to tighten up our “ship” a bit more so it doesn’t become a regular happening.

    Yep, we’d rather plant a garden than shovel snow any day!!!

  2. Miss Jackie, I too am sorry about your tom turkey…..We have coyotes and bears, but not wolves….the coyotes are hard on outdoor dogs and cats. There was a bear in our neighbors yard but it moved on and missed my bee hives…. I don’t mind the wild critters when they stay in the forest, but I feel offended when they take domestic stock or if the bees are destroyed. The boldness of foxes coming in close amazes me at times.
    They are saying snow showers are possible for us this weekend as well. I’d rather plant garden then shovel snow!!!! Rick

  3. snow showers expected tonight. i will cover the tomatoes. i couldn’t get them all in the dark.
    said to be warmer next week but am set to make dill pickle green tomatoes and fried green tomatoes.
    we are in n. e. ohio so snow forecast now is a surprise.

  4. Sorry about Red, and snow coming, oh my…we are having an unusually warm October, rain coming Saturday. I am still picking tomatoes, but keeping an eye on the weather. Picked the Hopi squash today, anxious to rry it. We loved the Bill Bean tomato, so big and dense, it is a keeper. Stay warm.