Hondo is a sitter! — 5 Comments

  1. All I can say is big business as usual, and if people want to change things, then they need to pay attention to who they vote for.

    If someone is obviously in the pocket of these Mega Corporations, then don’t vote for them. It’s pretty simple actually, if enough of them loose their positions they just might start paying attention!

    Please don’t ever get discouraged Jackie, we all love and appreciate everything you and Will do for us!

  2. Bobbie,

    Never fear. We will never “protect” or “patten” any of our seeds. Nor will we ever sell treated or GMO seeds. We WANT people to save seeds and grow them on for generations. Diversity is SO important to this universe. Unfortunately some big companies don’t think so and wish to create monopolies along the way. This is SO wrong and simply against nature. We have our Mn Dept of Agriculture permit to sell seeds as we don’t want the “seed police” at our door. However in signing it we agreed to an “inspection” without prior notice, at any time of the day (or night???). We were not real happy about THAT although we sure do have seeds for them to gather and germinate test. But visions of black helicopters and agents wearing bullet proof vests dropping out of the sky in our backyard at 2 A.M. are not comforting!!! Our seed business grew out of our desire to help homesteaders pack their gardens with wonderful, tasty, beautiful and productive varieties, some of which are very rare in this day and age. We didn’t want to “start a home business” and will always stay small. We love our seeds and the gardeners who support us.

  3. Miss Jackie and all,
    I too have read about the Seed Police.
    Long ago a lady executive many tiers above my position of supervisor in an unnamed agency said to me “It is easier to get forgiveness than to get permission. You know the agency, it’s regulations and policies, and you know what you are doing. When you need to do so, make an informed decision, share that with your staff and go on about your work. Keep your mouth shut around those above you whom you know are troublemakers. If it ever becomes an issue say ‘ O I’m sorry, I didn’t know about that policy and will certainly be more careful in the future.’ The chances are you’ll be fine. Just don’t tell the world everything you know.” As regards the seeds from open pollinated varieties I have long saved whatever I feel I need and like, Period!!!! I have had some so long I guess they are probably my own strain of what ever variety. If anyone were to make it an issue I think my reply would be something like “Anyone who knows me also knows that I shop in ‘ BLA- BLA Big Box Store’, the local farm store, the local hardware store, etc. I purchase seed wherever I see it; when I need it. I don’t usually save my cash register receipts. Isn’t my garden doing well?”
    I’m not telling anyone else how to conduct heir lives. Rick

  4. Hope you keep reading, Bobbie. We’ve had Seed Police for a long time, and some of them have been at people’s doors.

  5. I was just reading about this “Trademarking” seeds! For heavens sakes — I jumped up from the table and did myself a little war dance! What the hay? This just rattles my brain. How in the world can people “BUY” and “OWN” certain seeds? Oh, I know…..I read the article where they “claim” they developed all these seeds from breeding and cross-breeding” these “trademarked” seeds. I say BALONEY! I’m not buying it and I’m not going to worry about it.
    I think all these rules and regulations are just plain nonsense! Hope you don’t buy into it either and keep on doing what you’re doing and selling good quality, healthy seeds for others to purchase from you.
    You and Will were the first people I thought about when I read this article in the Capital Press paper — Grrrr……………
    What next? Are we going to have the Seed Police at our doors?