Q and A: saving pumpkin seeds, burning garden debris, and runny egg whites — 4 Comments

  1. Runny eggs – road kill, fresh of course. Or if you are so inclined, could hunt a jack rabbit for them. Yes, they are meat eaters. If that is too extreme, worms from the bait shop. If any somehow managed to survive, it’s actually a good thing unlike if you got them grasshoppers.

  2. Jackie did a article in Backwoods Home Magazine about saving seed and how to plant different types of squash. It really helped me understand how to grow with out cross pollination. Use the search bar to read more about saving pure seeds. The article is awesome.

  3. You have talked many times about squash and cross pollination and was glad for this detailed explanation.

  4. Thank you! I would not have thought of tying the blossoms shut. I am so excited to try it. Now lets just hope my two measly seeds do well. I will probably put some sort of critter proof cage over the small plants till they can hold their own.

    – Cathy O.