Happy Spring! — 5 Comments

  1. Oh and they are reusable year after year. Just wash them off and they are ready to go.

  2. For weaning the calves, you might look into something called quiet wean calf weaners. You put them in the calf’s nose and let them back out with momma, they can’t nurse but they are happy. After 10 days you separate them and they go on their merry way. Less stress and no bawling. $2 a piece at valley vet supply, and they ship.

  3. I believe your barn will just shrug off anything Minnesota weather can throw at it…very nice. I’m glad you were able to work your surgery around your busy homestead life. I know you are relieved. How in the world will you keep all those varieties of vegetables sorted out? It makes me tired just imagining it. I hope it will be a good season for you so you get good results from them.

  4. Your barn looks great!! I really like it.

    That calf is a big one! Too bad there isn’t a big binky you could give them!!