It’s sunny and warm! — 5 Comments

  1. I think all gardeners everywhere have spring fever and itchy fingers. We just can’t wait to get cracking!

  2. Rick,

    Good news. Our wild hen has not appeared for two days. This means she has a hidden nest on the edge of the woods somewhere and is now sitting. We’re excited to see what she comes off with. Hopefully many poults. We are having beautiful spring weather. It was 75 degrees today. I was actually hot! I was spreading compost today too. That felt so good!

  3. Tony,

    Yes they will, which is why she’s here, we think. We have beautiful toms! Back on our farm in Sturgeon Lake, a wild tom used to fly into the barnyard every spring, beat up our tom then breed all our hens. When they nested, he flew back into the woods, not to be seen till the next year.

  4. Miss Jackie, I hope the wild turkey hen bred with your toms and will hatch a big clutch of eggs in the orchard. If such is the case and she gets to raise them, in the fall I anticipate in your behalf a nice harvest of turkey for holiday dinners and canning aplenty for the food pantry. I can clearly see a big platter of roast turkey without even closing my eyes.
    Nice weather here today too….Perhaps getting into the high 50s. I spread a little compost in hope of getting some tilling done. Rick