This is an insane year, weather wise — 10 Comments

  1. All,

    I sure wish I could send some of our rain to you!!! Boy, do I!! We did manage to get some hay baled yesterday. It had been rained on for 5 minutes, but the sun came out and it dried pretty well in the afternoon when Will raked and baled it. There were some tough, clumps though; the baler plugged up four times on a five acre field of very tall hay. It about killed Will, pulling it out. I pulled till I ran out of “Jackie” and luckily, our friend, Darryl, who’s field we were on, came out and helped Will. Whew!

  2. I agree that aluminum and plastic funnels are not good for canning. (I try to avoid plastic as much as I can with food anyway.)

    Years ago (okay, decades ago), the canning sets came with enameled funnels that matched the canner. Those are rare to find now.

    I have come across stainless steel funnels that are the same shape and size as canning funnels and those work well. The pottery one is very pretty though.

  3. Well, dogs do what dogs do, it is somewhat like what bears do in the woods, it’s their nature….so hope he doesn’t injure any pretty or valuable plants. l Love the daylily. This one reminds me of a huge fancy daffodil out of season…the cherries look great too. I am looking into the lady’s canning funnels. Rick

  4. Hope the weather allows you to get the haying done. Beautiful daylily!

  5. It’s been VERY dry in VT too. I’m on a shallow well and haven’t done any canning because it takes a lot of water to can. On another note…I almost busted a gut seeing the picture of Hondo.

  6. Jackie.. Please send some of that wet stuff my way to AZ…I am watering twice a day and have an $80 water bill to show for it…../all of my plants are just hanging in there..of course I also lost a few….yes we all need a pantry of home canned food…I am buying some produce and canning them is the best I can do…..I am hoping you can get the haying done..

  7. So I guess all the rain must get used up over in Minnesota before it hits eastern Michigan (thumb area). We’ve had seriously dry weather here. Hope you’ll manage to get that hay in!

  8. I have two antique glass funnels that belonged to my grandmother. I use them sometimes but I still prefer to use her stainless steel one because I live in fear of dropping the glass ones on the porcelain sink drain and breaking one. It keeps me connected to my grandmother. Sorry to hear about all of the rain. We’ve been in the same boat until the last two weeks (eastern NC) now it’s 115 heat indices. Miserably hot. Thank heaven for a/c. But farm crops are looking really good.