Winter’s on the way — 5 Comments

  1. Linda Bee,

    No you don’t process it frozen. We froze it until we had time to thaw and process it. Meat cuts up best when there are a few ice crystals in the meat. That way its not so floppy to handle. It’s been decent this week but our snow is on the way. All 8″ plus!

  2. Rick Riley,

    No. So far we haven’t seen the wild turkey hen or her poults. But last year she didn’t show up until the snow was falling. We’re hoping we’ll be seeing her soon. Our toms are strutting too as are the grouse in the woods. I’m not sure why but it’s a yearly thing here. I like to watch them too.

  3. Hello, I’m wondering what brand of meat grinder you use. The one we have is extremely loud . . . albeit effective.

    On an unrelated note, I have a Victorio Food Strainer and I know you talk very highly of yours, but mine gets plugged up quickly and tends to “lock up.” I have only processed roma tomatoes, but I can’t even seem to get through a half box (maybe 10#) before I need to take it apart and clean it out. Often even by that time I have a very difficult time getting it apart as the spiral gets “stuck” inside. Am I doing something wrong? Does any of that happen to you?
    Thank you.

  4. I didn’t know you could freeze a deer and process it frozen. I’ll have to Google on how to do that. In VT we’ve been blessed with warm weather this week. It’s been up over 60 degrees.

  5. Miss Jackie, I was watching the weather channel this a.m. and it appeared as if you all could get snow. We usually don’t get winter cold till about Thanksgiving Day or a bit later. I look forward to the first snowfall, but don’t enjoy it much after the first time I have to clear the various paths and dig the vehicles out.
    Did the wild turkey hen and her brood appear this summer? There was a flock of 13 turkeys at my place this a.m. with 4 toms fluffed up and doing the strut and all pecking in the mowed grass. I never saw them strut in the fall. Beautiful!!! Could easily have killed one, but I would rather watch them another morning as they feed in the orchard while we enjoy a coffee on the back porch. If some one scares them they may not return. Rick