We’re back to sub-zero temps — 4 Comments

  1. Rick,

    Most of our photos were slides but I’ll see if I can find a few photos. We’ve taken many trips up there, hiking, camping and riding horseback, as we lived in the south/central area in Montana, about 90 miles north of Yellowstone Park, which is about 200 miles by road from the Upper Green in Wyoming. I once asked a famous photographer friend, Les Blacklock, what was the prettiest spot he’d ever been in and without hesitation, he replied “The Upper Green River, in Wyoming”. He was right!

  2. Miss Jackie, thanks for the pic of Jess Hazzard country….Can you share more? I for one can scarcely contain my excitement as I anticipate his next published adventure!!!!! Think I’ll do a search to see if there are more photos online. Rick

  3. Glad Hondo is relaxing a bit after all the hard work he’s put on this winter!😊 The bean soup sounds delicious, and The Upper Green looks gorgeous…missing the green this time of year. Stay warm!