We just got back from the Energy Fair this weekend in St. Paul — 8 Comments

  1. Sarah & Melinda,

    We were so happy you could come visit us at the BHM booth! Don’t forget to come visit us on our homestead when you can; you’re only a few hours away.

  2. Draza,

    Don’t forget Backwoods Home’s “sister” magazine, published by Dave and Ilene’s adult children, Annie and Sammy! I have been writing for them for several years now, first as an e-magazine, and for the last two years, a beautiful print magazine. AND Dave said he would also be printing a yearly anthology of BHM so folks who do not get Kindle can still read their favorite magazine!

  3. Jackie,
    Our family loves to follow your blog, and read your columns in BWH. We look forward to reading your articles in Self-Reliance. We were fortunate to get in many of the Bill Bean tomatoes from our plants this year, but like everyone, the offerings were slim from our heat loving plants. We are having some trouble with our grapevines. I wonder if you would have some insight? We’d love to have you come to Fort Wayne, IN, too! There are a lot of us here that would love to meet you!

  4. I love the greenbean seeds that I ordered from you. Every one of the seeds germinated and the plants were beautiful, they produced a lot of greenbeans. Thank you for all your advise and encouragement over the years.

  5. Hi Jackie, sure wish you’d have an energy expo in Fresno CA. Learned so much from you in Backwoods Home Magazine and all your books. Sadly, we don’t have Kindle, so won’t be able to read you anymore. All our best to you and your family. Thanks again for everything, Draza and Regina Knezevich

  6. Hey Jackie, it seems tomatoes are late everywhere – even here in Northern New Mexico! We FINALLY got our first red one last week – September 5 and this is in garden beds with a half hot frame on top of the bed!

  7. Love all the materials you put out about “good living”!!! Keep me updated on all your comings and goings. I live in Alaska so do not get out of the state much but put many of your writings into practice.