On the coldest night, a calf is born — 22 Comments

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your neighbor’s barn fire, but I’m not surprised that people have pitched in to help. That reminded me of one of my favorite movies — “Our Vines Have Tender Grapes” from 1945 with Edward G. Robinson, Agnes Moorehead, and adorable Margaret O’Brien. Set in rural Wisconsin, at the end of the movie, a neighbor’s big new barn burns down, killing many of their animals and leaving them financially wiped out. No one has any money to donate to help, but (led by Margaret O’Brien) the entire community offers lumber and labor to rebuild, hay/feed, and animals of their own to get the couple back on their feet. A little bit from each neighbor all added up. You’d probably love the movie IF you ever had time to just sit and watch a movie. It’s charming.

  2. Amazing. I’ve been to her place, and what seems the most quiet chunk of God’s country is just full of events. We have had the same brutal temps, thank Gid Will caught on to a impending birth and your vet skills. You are incredible together!

    • Yep, it seems like there’s always something going on. I have to laugh when I hear people say “I’m SO bored…”. Sometimes I’d give a lot for a day to feel “bored”!!! But it does keep life interesting for sure. That’s homesteading for you.

    • Was thinking about it…. His mama, Mamba, is like a big dog. But she wouldn’t fit in the living room….

  3. It’s great to see good homesteading parents. We also had a new calf that was born yesterday. It’s cold here in Missouri, but not quite as cold as you all. We also were prepared to take the baby wherever needed and get him warm and dry, but momma did a good job and all is well. It’s good to know that we all face many of the same issues and how we can learn from one another. Keep up the good work!

  4. Love the story of Frosty’s birthday and can just picture him spending a cozy night inside the house with his new people family. Hoping that we all can get back to some more normal February temperatures. At least we are at 7 degrees here in lower Michigan this morning. So sorry to hear of the neighbor’s barn fire, but very glad that they have such great neighbors like you nearby to help out. Don’t I recall that you were a part of the fire service years ago Jackie? (I am too and it is always so sad for the homeowners.) Looking forward to getting our second seed order. Love the new catalog and Will’s cute picture on the cover! You guys take care and thank you for the update. We’ll look forward to hearing how Frosty is doing.

    • Yes, I’ve worked fires for the MN DNR and later, as a volunteer in Gladstone, NM. David is now a volunteer firefighter in Orr, along with his job at Voyageur Log Homes. I always hate to see structure fires. Frosty is doing real well and thinks Will is his “other mother”.

  5. Hi Jackie, Frosty has a very appropriate name. So glad your neighbor has kind and caring people to help them through this tragedy.

  6. And, my city neighbors in my Historic District are horrified when my chickens are in the house in a container…lol. Would putting Vaseline on the ears keep them from freezing like it does on hens’ combs? Or, would the mama clean his ears for him?

  7. What a beautiful calf! So sorry about the neighbors barn. Fire is so devastating especially in winter. So glad they have good neighbors like you to help them through this disaster.

  8. I have a very cute mental image of Will hunkered down in the straw spooning with the calf and constantly wrapping him in blankets. 😊

  9. Big smiles here! Dried off many a slimy wet calf…. great memories. Been reading ya many years, Jackie.
    Hopefully the withdrawls from BHM not being in tangible paper form wears off soon. Gonna miss the smell and feel of it. A coffee stain or two… A few wrinkled pages where the words were read right off the page. I will adapt. Keep the posts comin’. Blessed winter up there.

    • Yeah. I even tried putting my insulated hat with tie-down ear flaps on him to protect his ears but it kept sliding down over his eyes. Didn’t work but now I have to wash my slimy hat!

  10. We were lucky with winter calvings when I was doing dairy as the number of cows in the barn kept it relatively warm. Here in our area of the Copper Basin Alaska we are on our eleventh day with it staying below zero with another week forecast. So far the low on this cold snap has only been -28F. Got your catalog and will make a small order soon. We are taking the chickens hot water three or four times a day and collecting eggs so they don’t freeze.

    • Sounds familiar! Last night, it was -27 and the highs maybe the single numbers above…and plenty of wind, too. Brrr. Come on spring!!!

  11. Congrats on the calf! It never fails as one reader said, things always happen in the worst weather or on the weekends and holidays when a vet bill will be double the cost lol

    I’ve ordered tomatoes from your seed catalog and can’t wait to get them! Good riddens January and come on spring!!!

  12. Would the calf have kept some kind of hat tied on? Just curious here. Does give me the giggles to think about!

    • Hey, I did put my insulated ear flap hat on him. It kept sliding down over his face. Then I cut two sleeves out of my good sweatshirt to make snoods. They worked for about an hour but it still wasn’t warm enough and they slid on down his neck. Tried towels over the head and constant rubbing with new, dry towels. Bringing him in did the trick.

  13. Wow Jacky, congratulations on your new homestead baby! Sorry to hear about your neighbors barn, but glad for them that they have caring neighbors. God Bless,