Winter keeps hanging on — 20 Comments

  1. Just a note to let you folks know that we’re okay. I did blog on Monday and Wed. but Lisa, who posts my blog, has been out sick. So as soon as she is well again, which I hope is soon, the new blogs will pop up. (Get well soon, Lisa!)

    • Thank You Jackie for letting us know you were ok Was wondering.

      It is snowing here and 32 now and temps heading to 28!! We live an hour north of Indianapolis and this is just crazy weather. The apricot tree is covered in blooms. But three days of this as forecasted will likely wipe out this year’s crop.
      Stay safe and warm

  2. Hi Jackie,we’re having chilly weather in north Ga,but nothing like you. Gardens have not been planted yet. I wish you would do YouTube videos.

    • We’re looking forward to warmer weather, for sure! I’m sorry to not be doing YouTube videos but I just don’t have the time. Maybe in the future…

  3. Bought all your cook/homestead books when we had more incomes,they were sure worth it! Getting more snow here in Iowa today and Sunday,sigh!! We were supposed to have son drive us the 3 hours north to see our two granddaughters at their prom in S.D., since I did all the altering on one of their dresses last weekend. Sorry to say, hubby has developed cold and just can’t take any chances with his lung cancer,better stay home,boo hoo! The kids will take pics and vids,but sure sad!🙁 Hope your weather clears and talks to our weather! Lol!

    • I’m glad you like my books. But I sure am sorry you missed prom. Like they say….”stuff happens”…..

  4. Thank you for the update! Hoping ‘real’ spring comes your way soon, especially since our Michigan weather seems to follow yours. 3″ of snow expected here again today. Good to see the pictures from around your homestead. I love seeing what’s happening there!

    • Yup, it looks like all across the country folks have been experiencing nasty spring weather. Hopefully that means a great summer.

  5. Jackie – I wanted to order on your special for the three books in binders but the shipping fee was exorbitant. Is it not possible to send that by slow mail or is it just as expensive? TX. (I really wanted those but with the exchange rate – whew!) Louise

    • I’ll check on that for you. I take it you’re in Canada? I’ll see if I can help.

      • Jackie, I am in the same situation. I wanted to purchase your canning recipe book and your pantry cookbook when BHM had them on sale for half price. However, the shipping costs would have been more than double the cost of the books.

        Thanks to our wonderful inter-library loan system, I was able to borrow your books from a library in the U.S. (So I know how good they are!) I would like my own copies though. I am not able to get them through the major booksellers in Canada ( and Indigo Chapters) as they don’t seem to carry your books. But the shipping costs and currency exchange just make it prohibitive.

        I keep hoping one day I can attend one of your homesteading seminars and pick up the books or that you’ll be able to hold a seminar in Canada.

    • I keep a couple of notebooks with varieties we get and how many seeds, etc. Once they’re planted, I use 2′ wood garden stakes with the varieties printed on them with permanent marker.

  6. I pressure canned ground beef for the first time week – first time to pressure can at all!! I learned from you at the Homestead Seminar and finally got up enough nerve to do it. You were right it is easy if one just watches what they are doing. Thanks for the teaching.

    • I did meat (chicken first, then hambuger) before I ever tried to water bath anything. I used Jackie’s books and the canner’s instructions. Everything sealed! It is kind of exciting, isn’t it!

  7. Berr Potatoes over a foot tall, tomatos 8 inches plus, beans thinned out and 3 in. I know, it gets hotter than all getout later.

    • I know YOU don’t live in Minnesota! Hope your garden is fantastic this year.