We have babies! — 18 Comments

  1. Hi you all! So fun to see the “kids!” Miracle is sure pretty, reminds me of our little Annie years ago…and milking before heading off to work! Good to keep caught up with you! Things are about the same here, just keepin’ on….

  2. This may be a dumb question but do goats have the same infertility problem with girls born twin to a buck as cattle have with a heffer twin to a bull. Glad spring stuck for you finally. Our snow is melting and we have ponded water all over. Hopefully the heavy snow cover kept the frost from going too deep and the water will go down soon.

    • Not a dumb question Howard. No, with goats and sheep, having different sexed twins does not result in infertility as it does with cattle. In fact, cattle are the only species I’m aware of with infertility of a heifer born twin to a bull.
      Our frost is going fast. Yea!!

    • Hey, he’s a “watch” dog! He protects Will from predators such as bunnies and ground squirrels.

  3. Ah, yes, how often I have had the same one-leg-back delivery with our sheep. Finding the leg that’s back is such a relief compared to the tangle of legs you get with twins or triplets. Our ewes just finished lambing, all successfully. It’s an exciting time on the farm, and keeps you on your toes. I hope all the rest of your deliveries go as well.

    • Glad to hear your ewes all lambed fine. I know what you mean about tangled legs. Not much room in there to figure it all out, is there???

    • Yup. We think so too. Of course Shadow thinks they’re perfect plus.

  4. Poor Shadow! having nursed a few kids myself, i sure can identify with poor her!

  5. Wow, twins!Miracle’s snowflake pattern is quite striking.

    Spring hit this week and I took Tuesday off to work in the garden part of the day. And it turned into all day. T-posts pulled, rototilled both raised beds, planted onions. Bought some more t-posts with a coupon for future projects – always have a use for them. Figuring out how I want to trellis our grapes and hardy kiwi. Want to get some peas and lettuce in. It’s such a busy time of the year!

    • It is a busy time. Especially for us this year as winter came so soon and stayed so long. We’re getting a lot of frozen-in T posts out of the ground but are still quite a way from tilling; got to haul manure first and wait till the frost’s out. We are trellising our grapes by using steel T posts on parallel rows with welded cattle panels on them horizontally then bending more panels up over the top in an arch, anchoring both ends to the top of the horizontal panels and T posts. We did 12′ last year and want to do more this year as it is working very well.

      • Great minds think alike – I decided to use the cattle panels as an arch for my trellising!

    • Me too. I always worry about something going wrong and am so relieved when everything turns out great.

  6. Congratulations to you all ! Great job Shadow! That baby girl is amazingly beautiful !