It feels like summer has come — 13 Comments

  1. Yep and darn, our mower’s throttle cable broke so grass is growing and I can’t mow until the new one comes.

  2. Aw gee, thanks, Erin.
    I went to mow last week and found the throttle cable on my mower had broken. Will ordered another cable so we’re waiting to get a call that it’s in. I love mowing with my Cub Cadet but sure wish a two year old mower would mow longer without breakdowns. And we keep it in the barn all winter too!
    Probably if you just order a copy from me it would save you postage mailing back and forth multiple times. Then I can autograph it for you and get it back to you quickly.

  3. good morning
    I still live in town and will be moving to nc once the house closes. it sure will be interesting gardening there. I, too, get tired just hearing all that you and you hubby do.

    • We get tired too. Lol! Good luck on your new homestead. What a great adventure you’ll have.

  4. Regarding working in the heat, its hot 9 months of the year here. I use a product called Icy Cools Ice Bandana that I bought from Amazon. If I didn’t have several in my freezer, I don’t think I could work outside anymore.
    Your homestead is pretty amazing.

    • Good idea, Brenda. We’ve found we do best working early in the morning and later in the afternoon/evening while it’s hot.

      • Oh yes, I am done by 10 am in the morning! Then I run out and do quick chores in the evening.

  5. I’ve been looking forward to your newest book…just pre-ordered it on Amazon, thanks for info!

    • Thank you, KT! Every thing all my great reader family does like that supports our homestead.

  6. I know how it goes with rocks. I spent twelve years working farms in the Catskills of New York. When they started clearing fields in the early 1800’s the made a lot of of two or three acre fields with stone walls on all sides. Later when mechanized equipment came on they took out walls and ran them through rock crushers to make drivable town roads or made huge stone piles in ravines. If you.plow a field now you still pick stones 200 years later.
    Here in Copper Basin Alaska we have been having some 50’s but even the raised beds are too wet work still. My tomatoes are getting leggy too! I’m going to start potting tomatoes in the green house this weekend and hope we don’t have too.many freezing nights.

    • I sure wish our rocks were of the stack-able variety. Unfortunately, they’re all round. I would like to use some as walls but they won’t stack. Boo.
      Yep, our tomatoes were getting leggy but I just dig a short trench and lay them down, curving them gently up so only the top few inches sticks out of the soil when I plant.
      Here’s to warmer weather and drier for you.

  7. Oh man, and I thought I was swamped with yards and garden work! You guys always impress me, and make me tired just reading what you do, whew. Love seeing the progress you’ve made since being up there last Fall…the house, the new garden, and ever-improving of the homestead. I’m proud to know you!
    We are mowing twice a week here in Iowa, looks nice but it is relentless. Nice to have the bagged clippings on the garden paths.
    Question: shall I wait to order an autographed copy of your book from you, or order it and mail it up for your signature? What would you prefer?
    Take good care of your backs, dear friends,