We’re making progress — 12 Comments

  1. It feels good to be caught up with all the activity up there. I have been missing out. I’m glad you have a hard working apprentice with you.

  2. We don’t have lettuce yet but we’ve been eating asparagus and just had a nice batch of lamb’s quarter greens. Oh my God I nearly made a pig of myself; I love them so much!!!

    • Yep, we know that. Our main garden was the same. We started it in 2006 and hauled pickup loads out that year. And one load the next. Etc. This year, we only picked up a pail full of small stones. There IS usually an end…after years of picking.

    • Not a dumb question at all. Potato onions are a medium sized perennial onion which makes a cluster of medium sized onions below ground, come fall. You pick the whole cluster, take what you want and either re-plant in the fall or hold all onions and plant what you want in the spring. That way they’re regenerating. They’re sort of like shallots only bigger.

      • I agree, not a dumb question (I just went to Google myself to find out what they are :) Jackie; will you be offering potato onions for sale?

  3. I just planted potato onions this spring for the first time and am wondering if they will overwinter in the ground here, north of Duluth.
    How does it work for your friend? I am so intrigued by them.

    • Yes, they’ll over winter but it’s easiest to pick all of them then save a few to replant, come spring. That way you can till your garden, then plant a row. But if you want to use as a perennial, they’ll do fine.

  4. Since potato onions are so hard to purchase for planting I am wondering why no one plants and then sells them as starts. Someone would make a fortune if they could find a way to do this. Continue having a wonderful time on your homestead. Glad you found an apprentice.

    • They are just kind of uncommonly grown today. There are a few catalogs that carry them.

  5. Here in Iowa, we have been eating my hubby’s lettuce that he started in basement for about 3 weeks. What a joy to have the crisp lettuce and spinach! But here comes the 90’s for days, am afraid it will all bolt soon!
    Hope us are feeling better, Jackie!😬